Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pride Before a Fall


I was a cocky bastard. At 19, I was 6'5" tall and 210 pounds of beautiful muscle and had the cutest face. A very slight roll of baby fat around my abdomen gave my abs a slightly softer look but what did I care? I had a 50" chest, 22" arms and a 33" waist. How many teens had a body like mine? But i think the asset I was proudest of was my package. Hey, my cock was 5" flaccid and a great 8" hard and it was thick. I gotta say that my balls were more impressive. Biggest in my school (yeah, I checked out other guys' nads in the locker room too). They were the size of large chicken eggs and hung low.

Oh well. Enough about me. Since I was physically so gifted, I had no reservations about flaunting my body and package. I often wore tight jeans that showed off my ample bulge. Boy, did I enjoy all the envious looks from the guys and lustful looks of the girls! I also didn't care that my cockiness made people think I was a fucking prick. I had everything a teenage guy could ever want!

Well, that all changed one day when my gay cousin Ray who was about 18 came over to stay. My parents were on holiday and we were all alone for two weeks. I didn't know he was gay of course until later. He was half my size but he was definitely more handsome than I was. That made me a little jealous and insecure I guess. Well, I flaunted my body as usual not realizing that he was gay. I walked about the house naked with my cock and big balls flopping around proudly. He often looked at me strutting my stuff but I thought it was just normal envy.

One day, he asked me "Darrel, ever got into a fight?" "No. But I'd probably destroy whoever tried," I answered cockily. "I don't think so. I think you're just all pretty muscle and nothing much else," Ray said. "Huh!" I retorted. "Yeah. I think that you couldn't even fight a girl. You'd be out in no time, big boy. All muscle for show. That's all," he continued. "Fuck you, Ray! I could take you down in a few minutes and make you fucking sorry you ever challenged me!" I angrily responded. "Put your money where your mouth is, Darrel. You wanna fight me?" Ray challenged. "Fuck yeah!" I agreed without thinking. "Ok, big guy. Let's do it in the basement. Don't wanna break anything here," he replied.

In the basement, he told me, "No holds barred. The first to submit loses. Winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser for one week. Agreed?" "Fuck yeah! Let's do it."

He was clad in his shorts but I was nude as usual. We circled each other for a few seconds when he slapped me in the face. I was stunned for a minute and just froze in surprise. That proved to be my undoing. Without losing a beat, he slammed his foot into my dangling balls. I felt a sharp pain between my legs and just as the realization hit me, a horrible dull aching agony hit me in the gut. He didn't stop there. Before I could react to the wave of anguish, he crashed his knee into my tender testes. This time, my knees buckled, my hands reaching to nurse my traumatized manhood. I wanted to scream but sounded like an injured puppy instead.

I sank to the ground; my head swimming with pain, my large nuts blazing in pain. I wanted to just lie down and nurse my balls. I thought I was gonna lose the fight there and then but Ray did something strange. He let me recover. He sat on the floor obviously enjoying the sight of my agony. "I thought you were gonna beat me up, Darrel. What a disappointment. You're weak, man. You got big, weak balls. You couldn't take a bit of pain, man. Faggot!" he taunted.

That did it. I suppressed the pain in my groin and roared. I got up and as he stood to face me I rushed at him. As my hulking frame was almost on him, he dropped to one knee and threw a devastating uppercut into my already tenderised testicles. I howled in abject anguish and fell on him. I don't think he expected that. He gasped as my 210lb frame pinned him to the ground. The beating my balls took had severely weakened me. We grappled on the ground for a while. I was on top of him when suddenly I felt his hand wrap around my right testicle. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened in fear as he looked back in pure satisfaction.

He squeezed. I screamed. I bucked in anguish. The pain was horrible. I felt his hand crush the life out of my right ball. I dropped to the ground on his side. Crying. Sobbing. Pleading for mercy. My sadistic cousin just laughed cruelly and knelt behind me. His other hand reached between my butt cheeks and grabbed my left nut. That's when my universe erupted in terrible anguish. One hand would carress one testicle while the other got viciously mashed and squashed.

Unbelievably, I got a huge erection as my balls were tormented. My cock was throbbingly erect as Ray continued his savage treatment of my young boy balls. Pain and oddly, pleasure was radiating from my once proud manhood. Now i was on my knees, my ass in the air, giving full access to Ray to attack my nads. I cried and cried in shame and agony. "Please, Ray... sob, sob... I submit," I pleaded." "What's that? Speak up, boy!" Ray answered as he viciously tugged at my big balls. "I GIVE! I FUCKING GIVE!" I cried. "I told you you were weak. Say you've got big, useless, weak balls," Ray taunted. I hesitated and that made Ray crush my aching, swollen balls even more. "I'VE GOT BIG, USELESS, WEAK BALLS!" I shrieked while sobbing.

"Good. Now lie down on you back like a good boy," he commanded. I obeyed immediately, grateful for the little respite my traumatized manhood got. It was, however, short-lived. His fingers wrapped around my tenderised spuds again. "Please... no more," I begged.

"Jerk off, Darrel," he said tenderly and kissed me. I was so confused. In pain but burning with lust and sexual desire. I stroked my swollen throbbing cock which was leaking pre-cum as Ray squeezed my aching nads. Within seconds, I was moaning in pain and pleasure as streams of cum sprayed from my cock. It was the most fantastic orgasm I had!

As I emerged from my dark pools of pleasure, Ray slammed his fist into my tender balls. I screamed and curled up on the floor covered in semen, nursing my hurting nuts, crying.

"Don't forget what the stakes were," Ray reminded me as he left the basement leaving me humiliated, hurt and sobbing.


I staggered out of the basement slightly disoriented by the whole new set of sensations in my body - throbbing pain in my now lemon- sized balls, the afterglow of blowing my load and the shame of being beaten by my smaller gay cousin (and being turned on by the whole episode).

I made my way to the kitchen cradling my jewels in my hand, grabbed an ice pack and gingerly sat down on the couch. I winced as my balls bounced slightly on the seat and iced my swollen hurting testicles. They hurt like fuck. I must have fallen asleep.

When I woke up I felt much better. My balls were still red and swollen but hurt much less. I chuckled when I saw my massive boner but my amusement turned into intense embarrassment when I realized my cousin was sitting opposite me. "Dreaming about me, Darrel?" Ray asked. "Fuck you, fag!" I retorted as I got up. For some stupid reason, I tried to cover my boner with my hands. Like that made a lot of difference! "How're your balls?" Ray continued. I flipped him the finger and went to shower to clean of the cum from my body. It felt fantastic after a nice warm shower. My large low- hanging balls felt almost normal now although still slightly swollen. Gazing into the mirror, I admired my great body. Yeah. Beautiful pecs, six pack, big guns, nice glutes. Man, I was one gorgeous hunk!

Coming out of the bathroom, I was a bit hesitant to go about nude as usual after what happened so I wrapped a towel around my waist. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked angrily when I saw Ray in my room. He was shirtless - smooth bod with small wiry muscles. "You remember the stakes?" Ray asked. "Forget it, fag. You fought dirty," I replied. "No holds barred, remember, big boy?" "Fuck you, asshole. And don't call me big boy. It sounds fucking gay!" "What's with the towel, big boy? Trying to hide your big, useless, weak balls? I bet that big cock of yours is weak too," Ray egged. I exploded in rage. I picked him up and threw him against the wall. Slamming him against the wall repeatedly I screamed, "You enjoying yourself, fag? Huh? You like playing with my balls, huh? You think you're so tough fucker? Try getting out of this!" While attacking Ray, my towel fell of and I was buck naked but I didn't care anymore. I wanted to beat this motherfucker up good for humiliating me.

Rays hands suddenly slammed into my sore balls. The pain stopped me in my tracks. But that was just the beginning. His grip tightened around my balls. One testicle in each hand. That familiar wave of nausea and pain swelled in my manhood, radiating into my gut and paralysing me. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was this look of sadism and evil. "Please, Ray, I'm sorry, no... no... ARRRGGGHHH FUCKING FUCK!"

His vice-like grip crushed my balls and twisted them viciously. He had pulled them upwards towards his chest so that I couldn't bend over and fall. Now I was standing on my toes, held up by my hurting balls. I couldn't breathe properly. I was sweating. My heart racing. My world was now just blazing with utter agony. I couldn't scream at all. I only made keening, animal noises as tears streamed down my face. If I could cut off those two pain generators between my legs, I would have. My torment continued for what seemed an eternity. When he finally released my gonads, I collapsed on the ground, sobbing. I curled up, nursing my balls in one hand, another hand on my lower abs. The pain and nausea wouldn't go away.

I don't know how long I was on the carpet like that. I didn't know what was going on. All I could think of was my tenderized aching balls. Eventually I managed to stagger to my knees. Crawling on all fours, I crawled towards my bed. I needed to rest.

"Sorry about that, Darrel. I sometimes don't know my own strength," Ray teased.
"Fuck you, fag," I muttered.
I would regret saying that. As I crawled painfully to my bed, I felt Ray grab my burning balls again.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....!" I screamed as he bore down on my already shattered manhood. He squished my balls in pulsating patterns. I can't describe the magnitude of the anguish of his torment on my busted balls. I retched as he mashed my poor testicles. Yet, I had a hard-on. I don't know why. A raging, throbbing hard-on. I needed relief again. What the fuck was wrong with me?!
"You wanna jerk off, big boy?" Ray inquired. For some reason, I just masturbated myself. No hesitation. Something inside me enjoyed getting my balls hurt. Some perverse inclination inside relished a hot handsome guy like Ray subjecting my large pendulous testicles to torture. I needed to empty my balls of cum - again!

I stroked my massive cock as Ray began slapping my balls. One hand trapped them at the bottom of my sac while the other administered smacks. Within moments, my loins erupted in pleasure as I came another load. I shot globs of semen all over the carpet as I moaned in pleasure. With the last shot of cum, Ray released my busted nuts. I thought it was over but my savage cousin kicked me in the balls. I felt his foot crash into my balls from behind. I screamed once and collapsed - into the pool of my own semen again. Curled up again, hugging myself, crying.

"That was really hot, Darrel. You've got more coming your way," Ray reminded me. Part of me dreaded it. Part of me lusted for more.


What the fuck was going on? So many strange things happening in one day. My puny cousin beating me in two fights. My manhood getting getting busted badly. Me having to jerk off twice while being ball busted. But worse of all, and most confusing, I enjoyed it. In some dark perverse way, I liked getting dominated by my younger, smaller but damn handsome cousin Ray. Was I gay? Was I bi? I don't know. But all I know is when I limped to my bed to sleep off the pain radiating from my traumatised family jewels, I kept fantasizing about what just happened. The way Ray busted me and made me cum. It made my cock rock hard.

After dozing off, I woke at about dinner time. I put on my pair of old cotton boxers. Revealing, yes but somehow I was afraid of flaunting my manhood in front of Ray.
"Hey Darrel," he greeted me.
"Wassup?" I answered quietly.
"How're you doing?" he inquired as he put his arm around my waist.
I froze. Many feelings welled up inside. Lust was one of them. I was lusting after Ray - the guy who dominated me. I had a hard-on instantly.
"It's ok, Darrel. I'm not into anal. Don't worry," he reassured me as he pulled me to the sofa and gently pushed me down. My cock was throbbingly erect now. I was too consumed by passion and lust to do much. When he started kissing me, my insides blazed. I was on fire. I wanted him bad. But he was my cousin.
"Ray, please. No. We're cousins. This is wrong," I protested meekly.
"No one will know, Darrel. I won't force you if you don't want it. Do you want this?"
I couldn't answer. My huge erection gave me away. He smiled at me and started nibbling my ear. I went fucking wild as he continued.
"Bust my balls please," I requested hornily. He just smiled at me and reached into my boxers and pulled out my dangling nuts. They were a bit sore and red still. Then he massaged them gently, rolling them around and against each other. His hand could barely fit around both my big boys so he used two hands. It was awesome. Slight pain and lots of pleasure from my balls... I started moaning involuntarily. My hips began rocking gently. The pressure increased and so did my pain. But I liked it. I lusted for it. My moaning grew louder as he mashed my lemons. The waves of nausea were building up inside but I was still hard as a rock.

After a few minutes, I had enough. "Please, stop..." He did. He let go and stroked my towering boner. Man, this was the best hand-job I had! I closed my eyes, thrust my hips forward and just enjoyed the pure ecstasy emanating from my loins. Suddenly, a smack to my sensitive balls startled me. I groaned and clutched my hurting gonads. Ray just laughed and told me, "I bring you up, and I bring you down."

He then told me to get up and I obeyed. He tied a girl's scrunchy around my hanging balls. I was dizzy with lust, fear and desire. "Spread your legs," he ordered and I just did as he commanded. He pressed my cock against my body and fired three fists into my vulnerable testicles. I howled in pain, my knees buckled and I went down fast. It fucking hurt. I thought he just broke my balls. It was that painful. I felt something wet and I thought something was really smashed but I realized that I was leaking lots of pre- cum. My pubic hair glistened with the sticky stuff.

Ray knelt beside me and began sucking my swollen cock. I was in the fucking seventh heaven as his lips and tongue ministered to my massive member. My moaning grew louder and louder as I felt an orgasm approaching. I think Ray sensed it. He slapped on a ball claw as he continued sucking me. The pain bit into my brain and I was yelping in pain but my cock was straining for release. I thrashed about a bit. Ray suddenly pulled his mouth away from my dick and squeezed really hard on both balls with his hands. I screamed in both pleasure and anguish as I fired my load. My body bucked like a wild pony as my cock shot streams of creamy semen. I sprayed my essence all over my abs and collapsed exhausted.

I looked down and saw that Ray had a massive erection too. His cock was pretty impressive too actually. "Kneel down, ass in the air," he commanded. I was afraid but I obeyed. He dropped his pants and his rock hard cock stood out proudly from his bush of blond hair.

He grabbed hold of my nutsac at the base and pulled, trapping my nuts at the bottom. I squealed as he tugged savagely at my tenderized testes while he jerked off. But he didn't care. He enjoyed hurting my baby-makers. Suddenly he came on my ass. I felt a hot jet of liquid spray on me as he moaned loudly. I screamed at the same time too because in his climax, he crushed my left ball without any mercy.

I thought it was all over but Ray had other plans in mind. A vicious punch from behind to my exposed, bobbing balls made me howl in anguish as I dropped to the floor in utter pain covered in both mine and Ray's cum.

"That was fantastic, Darrel. I'm looking forward to many more busting sessions with you."

PART 4: Ray's perspective of busting his beefy cousin

When my parents asked me if I'd like to keep my cousin company while his folks were out of town, I almost had an instant hard-on. Of course I said yes. Sure, he's one cocky, arrogant bastard but he's hot. Absolutely hot. So fucking hunky and cute. But best of all, he had an awesome package between his beefy legs. Yeah, I've seen it. The fucker doesn't bother to hide it - in fact, he flaunts it. Big, thick cock and the biggest set of balls I've seen. Two horse-sized testicles dangling invitingly between his legs. Wow.

And by now, I think you know that I'm into busting balls. Don't ask me why. It just turns me on. I think it started when I was 12. I've always been a bit of a pretty boy. Not effeminate. Just had gentle, almost beautiful features. There was this asshole who used to pick on me in school. He was my age but he was massive. He was the strongest kid in school and was both fat and muscular. One day, I got so irritated I warned him that I'd kick his ass if he didn't back off. This was in the locker room and in front of many guys. He was like, "I'd like to see you try, punk" turned around, bent at the waist with his ass pointing at me. He was in a pair of white briefs and I saw a nice bulge between his legs. Something clicked in me. Why settle for kicking his fat butt? The dumb fucker was inviting me to bust his balls. So I kicked him hard. My foot sailed between his legs and flattened his bobbing balls. I felt him jump a few inches off the floor before crashing to the ground, hugging himself, bawling his head off. I think he was there a good half hour. The other guys were silent. I just took down the biggest, most obnoxious kid in school. I could sense the admiration though. For weeks, I would masturbate to the thoughts of busting that guy.

I've gotten into many fights. It's not easy being gay. But it's made me tough. I've been beaten up sometimes but usually I'm the one beating up the motherfucker picking on me. It's usually the same MO. The fool would forget that he pair of very sensitive balls hanging between his legs. That allows me to dispatch him by striking at his most vulnerable point. Anyway, back to my cousin's story.

Since puberty I've always had a crush on Darrel. I could remember the way he flaunted his gorgeous body and package at the beach when we were younger. Already at puberty his balls and musculature were impressive and he knew it. He would often tell me about how much jizz he could shoot and how many times a day he jerked off. Part of me lusted for him, part of me wanted to take him down a few notches. And so my chance came.

His body was more impressive than ever and his package more massive than I remembered. He would wander around the house naked while I was there. I had a hard time trying to keep from getting a boner in front of him. So I devised my plans. Lure him into fighting me, bust his balls and dominate him thereafter. It worked like a charm! Darrel wasn't a very bright dude. He fell for my ruse. In our first fight, he was clumsy and that gave me so many opportunities to attack his manhood. It was such a turn-on to see him in agony - hands clothing his injured balls, bent at the waist, face red, groaning in pain.

The best experience was squeezing his balls. They were huge! I had to use both hands to squeeze them - one in each hand. They were THAT big. Nice big, firm balls. No wonder he was such a horny bastard :-) I had a throbbing erection squishing those big boys and seeing my cousin thrash about, sobbing, begging me to stop. But seeing him cum was simply awesome. He shot an unbelievable amount of juice. He wasn't just boasting... he was being truthful! Whoa!

In our second fight, I thought I was done for when he picked me up and slammed me against the wall. I thought I would be beaten up bad. But then the stupid oaf left himself wide open - legs spread, arms away from his beautiful balls. So I did the logical thing - grab them and squeeze. How can I describe the sexual rush from looking into his petrified big blue eyes while mashing his huge (now slightly squishy) balls and seeing him suffer in abject agony? I had to stop myself from flipping out my boner and jerking off on the spot. It was that fantastic!

I think he's enjoying the whole thing. I have broken the hunk's will. He almost voluntarily stroked his cock when I asked him to while squeezing his jewels. Well, that's good coz I can't wait to get at his goodies again.... I could hardly believe it. Darrel was hooked on ballbusting. After only 2 matches! Wow. How often is it that you get as a ballbusting partner a beautiful hunk that’s hung like fucking horse?? I was giddy with lust when I saw how Darrel responded to my touch. And I almost came when he asked me to bust his laden balls. I still can't believe it, in fact.

Making out with my hot hot cousin in the living room was awesome. This is probably the first time he's been intimate with another guy. He's dated many girls before and boasted about how many he's balled. But he just melted in my arms. It was beautiful. My insides still burn when I think of how I played with his huge, smooth balls and then crushed them while seeing my gorgeous cousin grimace in pain but obviously turned on by it. I often masturbate to thoughts of how I jerked off while grabbing his trapped testicles from between his buttcheeks. And how he screamed when I bore down on his left nut as I blew my jizz all over his ass.

After that incident he would intentionally flash his big balls at me knowing full well that it would earn him a punch or a slap in his cum-laden danglers. He'd be in pain for a while but he'd be back for more discipline in no time. This dude was rampant! He had a hard-on for most of the day as he simply invited me to attack his beautiful young boy balls. What turned me on the most was when he would intentionally drop something in front of me, then bend over to pick it up slowly, his tight ass pointing at me and that pendulous nutsac of his hanging so temptingly between his massive thighs. He KNEW I would grab his goodies and work them over good. He'd howl in agony but it was fucking obvious that it turned him on.

Sometimes I'd make him kneel in front of me and suck on my nipples while my feet played with his bobbing balls. Then I'd pull away and kick his balls in. The satisfying thud of my foot connecting with his big, firm testicles followed by the characteristic "ooof.." and him curling up on the floor nursing his tender bollocks was enough to make me leak pre-cum. I guess our sessions made us both so fucking horny we'd jerk off together. I never jerked off so much in my life! We'd be blowing our loads at least three times a day.

The scenario would usually be the same. After busting him around the house for some time, both of us would be fucking horny. Our erections always gave us away. We'd look at each other with incredible lust and desire then start making out. I'd usually dominate my older cousin. After a hot, sweaty session of passionate kissing, cuddling and necking, I'd torture his balls anyway I pleased. Knees, kicks, punches, slaps, squeezing. My fave has gotta be squeezing. I loved feeling his firm, massive orbs in my hands - giving him pleasure and terrible pain. I'd mash and knead them while I jerked off. We perfected our technique so that we'd cum together while I continued racking his juicy balls.

After squirting our hot loads, we'd cuddle a while before cleaning up. Then go about our "daily chores" until he begged to get busted again and we got horny again. Lol. It was a great time at his place and I was sad that I had to go home. He looked pretty down too.

"Darrel, let's keep in touch. We can meet up for more busting sessions," I assured him." He smiled and I swear I saw that bulge in his pants grow larger!

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