Tuesday, May 27, 2008

College Dorm


It's been about a month since moving into the college dorm. I shared my room with Matt, a swimmer with the cutest face and most charming smile anyone could have. His short blond hair and beautiful blue eyes made him the centre of female attraction in his class.

I sometimes kinda wished I had looks like his. I looked like your typical gym-rat - square jaw, short spiky brown hair, hazel eyes and a bulky physique. At 6'3" and 250lbs, I guess I intimidated most girls but heck, I liked my big brawny bod. Perhaps I loved myself more than any girl :-)

Speaking of self-love, I hadn't jerked off since moving in. It was a bit awkward spanking my cock in a new environment. Anyways, I couldn't bear the pressure building up in my dangling balls anymore. It was driving me mad. I'd get hard-ons at the most awkward times ever, like while bench-pressing, for example! And so I powered up my laptop, stripped to my tight white boxer briefs and sat at my desk. Matt was at swimming practice now so I had some time to myself.

I started viewing some BGEast videos of hunky wrestlers going at each other's nads and trying to make the other submit by applying the devastating ball-claw. My cock soared to its full 8". My balls ached for release but I didn't really touch my throbbing boner yet. I wanted to wait until I could have a really mind-blowing orgasm. Since I had headphones on (better to hear the wrestlers groaning in agony as their balls are mangled) I didn't hear the door open. Suddenly I looked up and there was Matt. Standing right in front of me, smiling broadly and obviously very amused. "Fuck!" I exclaimed as I yanked off my headphones and nearly fell over the table. My cheeks blazed with embarrassment.

"Whoa there, Stud. Don't poke my eye out with that bad boy!" Matt teased.
I was speechless. Too embarassed and flustered to speak. I stood there like a guilty little boy caught wanking. Although my muscular figure towered over Matt, I felt like a dumb kid at that moment.
"Let's see what hot stuff you are into," Matt continued and sat down in front of my laptop.
"No... don't," I was too ashamed to let him see my ballbusting collection.
"Down boy," Matt answered and back-handed me in the nuts.
My balls were exquisitely sensitive since I had not jerked off in a month. I yelped loudly and sat down on the floor clutching my aching balls. "
Wow. This is some really intensive stuff, man. You like to give or receive?" Matt inquired.
"Receive," I answered sheepishly.
"Well, big boy. I think we both are in luck. I kinda like hurting another guy's balls. And you like getting yours hurt. Fuck, did you indicate that in your application for this room?"

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Matt wanted to bust me?!

Matt pushed me against the wall. I thought I was dreaming. As he ran his soft hands up and down my body, my heart raced and my cock swelled with anticipation. Without warning, he drove his knee into my vulnerable balls. I howled as the pain bit into my brain. That familiar wave of deep agony rose in my abdomen. I doubled over in anguish, making keening noises.

"Come on, man. I know you can take more than that. You're a tough guy," Matt said. I straightened up gingerly and there was a wet spot on my boxers. I was leaking pre-cum! This time he slammed his fist into my aching balls - twice. I felt them flatten against my pubic bone and I couldn't even scream. I just dropped to my knees, my mouth opened in a silent scream of abject anguish. The pain was horrible. My world just collapsed as I slowly dropped to the floor in a fetal position desperately nursing my traumatized manhood. I rocked about in a vain fight against the sickening pain. But I was hornier than ever - my erection seemed impossibly huge and I thought my cock would explode any moment.

"It's been fun, dude! I gotta get back to practice now. I came back for my goggles," Matt announced as he reached down and rubbed my raging boner cheekily. Fuck, I almost came at that moment!

"We're gonna be having more busting sessions, big guy."

Despite the nauseating agony, I managed to slip off my boxers and lie on my back. After a few strokes, I felt my loins and balls erupt in absolute pleasure as I sprayed my man-milk all over my abs and pubes. I groaned loudly as I climaxed and shot my load. I lay there covered in my sticky thick jizz, panting - exhausted and in pain but tingling with dark pleasure.

Did he say he was gonna bust me some more?


I was in that twilight zone between deep sleep and full alertness. Lying on my bed in my comfortable but torn boxers, I was mildly conscious of being awake but also was drifting into sweet slumber. This was the twilight zone where dreams and reality sometimes merge. I was fantasizing about Matt, my room-mate, busting my big balls earlier in the day. And in the process, I was gently grinding my rock hard boner against the bed. I felt my large loose nuts roll out of a leg of my boxers and got even more turned on by the new sensations coming from my privates.

I could almost feel his fingers wrap around my dangling orbs, rolling them around his palm and slowly increasing the pressure on them. I groaned softly into my pillow, enjoying every bit of my semi- dream. I was faintly aware of the pain growing as the pressure increased around my manhood and my groaning grew louder. And as that unmistakable wave of testicular anguish hit me square in the gut and rose to my throat, I jerked my head off the bed, fully awake and in VERY real pain.

"Good morning, Darrel," Matt greeted me. "Owwww.... fuck. My fuckin balls... please stop," I pleaded groggily. He did.

I rolled over, my hands clutching my throbbing gonads. Matt sat on the edge of my bed, smiling. He looked so damn cute with his longish blond hair, blue eyes and bright smile.

"Remember what happened yesterday?" he asked.
"Was I dreaming?" I still couldn't believe that my handsome room- mate was into ballbusting like me.
"No. I busted your balls real good and you loved it."
Wow. I was too dizzy with lust and desire to respond. He put his hand on my crotch. My already rock hard dick stiffened even more.
"Umm. Matt... I'm straight," I stuttered.
"I've seen how you look at my bod, man. I know how you try to steal peeks at me when I'm changing too. You're into me, Darrel, and that's fine. I'm into you to."
I didn't know how to respond.
"Don't start thinking about being gay or bi or whatever. Just labels, man. I know you want this and so do I."

I gazed into his beautiful eyes and my insides burned. I removed my hands from my crotch and gave Matt full rein. "You've a couple of really big ones down here, Darrel," he told me as his hands explored my manhood. My cock soared into a full erection and was leaking pre-cum on my abs.

He then pulled out a pair of red speedos with a hole cut at the crotch and told me to put them on with my balls hanging out the hole.

I felt my balls trapped vulnerably outside the speedos that barely contained my swollen cock.

"Get on your knees, ass in the air."

Matt rolled up a magazine and as I kneeled there with my tender boy balls on display, he swung it into my waiting testicles. I yelped softly as the pain hit me then buried my head in my pillow to muffle more screams in anticipation of more pain. Smack! Another strike made my balls swing about like a mini pinata. Then came hit after hit. I didn't count them. Every sickening smack of the magazine striking my bobbing balls was followed my muffled screams. The agony just built up - it swelled like a gigantic wave in my gut. I tried to bear the anguish but finally I had to collapse. I dropped to my side sobbing softly in pain, nursing my aching exposed balls, writhing around trying vainly to relieve the nauseating anguish.

Matt was already in his boxers, his own cock throbbingly erect. "You ok there, big guy? You're a tough dude. Come on. Stand up."

I staggered to my feet. My muscular thighs were weakened my pain. My big muscular frame dwarfed Matt's swimmer build but he was dominating me now as he tied my hands behind my back.

"Face the wall, big boy. That's right. Now spread your legs. More. Fuck, you look fucking hot posing like that."

He rubbed his rock hard dick against my ass crack as his hand reached to grab my balls. I felt Matt's hot throbbing boner against my butt and his hand groping my manhood. As Matt's excitement grew, so did his grip on my testicles. He squeezed them hard as he tugged and twisted them. My already battered balls blazed with pain. I couldn't even scream. I was gasping for breath, eyes squeezed shut, knees buckling but held up my Matt's death grip on my manhood. The anguish was too great. I slowly sunk to my the ground and Matt followed but didn't release my traumatized testes.

I lay on the floor on my side, curled up with Matt's hand between my butt cheeks. He pulled my balls so that they now were trapped in their loose sac, stretched out behind me, between my legs. It was abject agony for me. I sobbed involuntarily as the pain bit into my brain.

Finally, he released his strangle-hold on my jewels and I instinctively reached down to clutch at my twin orbs of pain.

"Darrel, lie down straight."

I obeyed and Matt knelt beside me, naked, and began sucking on my aching bollocks. Initially, the sucking only amplified my torment but after a while, a strange but beautiful mixture of pain and pleasure glowed from my balls.

Matt knelt over my chest and both of us began stroking our stiff dicks and in no time at all, we both were moaning ecstatically as we blew our loads. I sprayed my juice over my abs as Matt's warm jizz squirted on my neck and chest.

He then dropped to my side and we both lay there, enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms when Matt turned to me and said, "So when do you wanna do this again?"

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