Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apology Accepted?

After an intense gym session and a warm bath, Josh looked at himself in the mirror. Extremely satisfied with his workout and admiring his hunky body, he flexed various muscle groups as he basked in his narcissistic glory. At 25 years of age, Josh was quite a stunning male specimen actually. Standing at 6"1" and a lean 200lbs, he sported a handsome face with hazel eyes and sandy brown hair. But the part of his body he was extremely proud of was of course, his manhood. His cock was 5" flaccid and when erect, that bad boy was 9" long. That huge dong rested on two loaded, golf ball-sized testicles.

While posing in his tight red jock strap, he would occasionally grab his massive package and enjoy the stirring he felt in his loins. "Man, I gotta find a chick tonight. My nuts are bursting with cum," he mumbled to himself. He hadn't bedded any girl in a week and he was getting a bit frustrated about it. Josh stripped off his red jocks and went to his locker buck naked. He wasn't at all embarrassed. In fact, Josh enjoyed the attention he got from guys looking enviously at his large genitals flopping around.

He noticed a group of 4 guys coming in. They looked pretty young. About 17 or 18 at the most. Maybe 5'6" in height. Skinny dudes dressed like basket-ballers. Suddenly, one of them, Tim, called out to him, "Hey asshole! I wanna talk to ya."
"What the fuck do you want you little prick?" Josh retorted.
"Remember Julie?" Tim asked.
Josh thought for a while". "Oh yeah. I balled her about a week ago. What's the matter, punk?"
"She's my sister, you fuck. You fucked her and dumped her. No one does that to my sister."
"And so what do you plan to do about it?" Josh folded his arms, his muscular frame towering over Tim.
"You're gonna apologize to her or I'm gonna kick your ass so badly you'll wish you never met her."
Josh laughed scornfully. "Big words for such a small guy!"
"Toby, lock the door," Tim ordered.
"Just me and you, fucker. These guys won't interfere," Tim announced. He had no intention of keeping that promise of course.
"You are so gonna regret this, punk. I tell you what, I'll let you have three free gut shots at me then we'll fight. Ok? So you don't say I've been unfair," Josh answered cockily.

Josh stood there, hands on his hips. He tensed his sculpted abs and awaited Tim's strike. "Number one" Tim announced and fired a fist that smacked into Josh's dangling testicles with a sickening thud. Josh's jaw dropped as his hands clutched his injured gonads. Bent slightly at the waist and in incredible pain from the blow, Josh couldn't breathe properly let alone speak or moan. The agony slowly spread to his gut as he nursed his balls.
"Fuck..." he managed to croak.
"Oops, sorry, dude. I aimed a bit too low I think. I'll aim higher for my second shot."

For some stupid reason, Josh straightened himself and prepared for the next shot leaving his vulnerable testicles dangling invitingly. Tim took aim again and threw another devastating punch into the hunk's bobbing bollocks. Josh yelped as Tim's knuckles connected with his tender testes and smashed them against his pubic bone. His balls burning, Josh doubled over, trying not to fall. He was gasping for breath, fighting the wave of horrible nausea building up in his core. He staggered a little but managed to maintain his balance.

"This is one stupid fucker," Tim thought to himself as he saw Josh bent over with his hands on his thighs. He wasn't even protecting his jewels. They hung so temptingly like to big lemons between his muscular legs. Tim stood behind the bigger guy who was now too much in pain to fight much. He swung a fist between the hunk's legs from behind that crashed into his aching balls. Josh screamed this time. But instead of withdrawing his fist, Tim grabbed hold of Josh's poor nuts. He viciously tugged them backwards until his ball cords were stretched to the max. Josh screeched as inhumane pain seared his mind. His knees buckled but Tim had a stranglehold on his manhood. Tim twisted and squeezed savagely as Josh began to sob.

Randy, one of Tim's friends was recording the entire scene with his camcorder. Josh sobbed and screamed and begged like a little boy as Tim squeezed his large, swollen balls mercilessly. Tim began dragging Josh around by his balls. Josh was forced to stagger backwards, crying out in pain as Tim humiliated him. Time then forced the sobbing hunk against the wall. Josh now couldn't bend over but had to stand almost straight. This increased the tension on his testicles as Tim continued tugging from behind. Josh was crying and mumbling incomprehensibly as Tim administered a few sharp slaps to his tormented testicles while squishing and twisting them.

Josh wanted to pass out but the pain somehow kept him awake. Finally, Tim released him but just before he collapsed, Tim kicked him cruelly in the balls. Josh cried out and collapsed in a miserable, sobbing, hurting mass on the floor. It was a remarkable sight. A tiny punk with a huge hunky male crying like a little boy at his feet begging him to stop hurting him.

"Get him up," Tim ordered. Two of his pals dragged the broken hunk to his knees one holding each arm. Randy took a close up of Josh's red, swollen testicles and strangely enough, erect cock. The guys were amazed to see such a huge cock.
"I think the faggot's enjoying us playing with his balls," Randy said.

Josh hesitated but Tim helped him make up his mind. He pulled off his Nike and slapped Josh's tenderised gonads repeatedly. Josh howled in abject agony and thrashed about but the two guys held him securely. "You gonna comply?" Tim asked.

Josh did. With tears streaming down his handsome face and a raging erection, he said the words.

"Good. Now kindly jerk off for the camera," Tim commanded. Josh's will was completely broken by now. One guy released his arm and he stroked his cock and within a few seconds, moans of pleasure replaced his sobs of pain as a powerful orgasm rocked his loins and his cock spurted his male milk like a hose. Globs of semen squirted from his throbbing cock as Josh moaned in pleasure.

Without allowing the broken and humiliated Josh to recover from his climax, Tim slammed his foot into the hunk's traumatized testicles. Josh screamed once and then just collapsed unconscious from the unbelievable anguish.

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