Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Big Sorry Balls

My head throbbed and my body hurt like fuck as I groggily stirred on the hard, cold floor. As I tried to get my bearings and got up, my large balls bumped the concrete floor. That deep, nauseating, very male pain hit me in the balls and in the gut. I groaned softly, cradling my aching swollen gonads in my two hands - one hand
couldn't support both. What the fuck happened to me? Now I remember...


My girlfriend and her parents were out of town for a week and I agreed to let her twin brothers stay with me. I loved the two of them like a big brother. They were a couple of 16 year old, mischievious, good-looking kids who were incredibly fun to be with, so I thought. Being an only child and almost 10 years older than them, I thought it would be cool to have some siblings and I cared for them like a good protective older bro.

That day, after I got off work, I hit the gym as usual and after that headed home. Yeah, I loved bodybuilding and I had the body to prove it. Standing at 6'5", weighing 240 pounds, I was one of the biggest guys in the gym. I didn't compete though, coz I still had some fat covering my muscles which I couldn't seem to burn off. Yeah, and all that beer and pizza in college gave me a bit of a gut which I couldn't lose. Nevertheless, I looked pretty good with a 50" rock-hard chest, 24" arms, rock-like shoulders and massive thighs.

Anyway, when I got back, the guys were watching some wrestling thingy. WWE, TNA... What the hell difference was there?

"Hey guys," I hollered.
"Hey, Tom," they answered almost in unison.
"How're the both of you?"
"Good," Brad, the older one answered.
"What's that your watching?"
"WWE Smackdown. That's Kurt Angle and Triple H battling in the ring," Ben informed me.
"Yeah, whatever. Seem like fags wearing tiny trunks and getting all physical with each other," I snickered and headed upstairs for a shower.

After a nice warm shower, I stood there, buck naked admiring my body in front of the mirror, touching my arms, chest and shoulders. I slipped on a pair of thin, skimpy, loose white shorts that clearly showed my large bulge swinging about with every step I took. I was proud of my package. I had the biggest pair of balls compared to all
the guys I knew. They were the size of large eggs and hung about 7 inches from the base of my decent-sized cock. I thought of jerking off that night. I hadnt jerked off in about two weeks and I was getting really horny.

I headed down stairs, my pendulous testicles bouncing against my muscled thighs. Man, that felt good! The twins were still watching that stupid wrestling program. Rather impatiently, I changed the channel.

"Hey! We were watching that!" Ben protested.
"Awww, come on!" I answered as I threw myself down on the couch, my ample bulge happily bouncing about as I did.
"Turn it back, Tom," Brad insisted.
"Forget it, guys. I wanna watch some football. And besides, why the fuck do you wanna watch that crap? They're just a bunch of faggy clowns performing for idiots."
"You calling us idiots now?" Ben looked angry.
"Ben, no no. I didn't mean it that way. Sorry."
"I think he thinks we're idiots, Ben," Brad added.
"Ben, Brad. Please. I didn't mean it that way, ok?"
"And he thinks we're fags," Ben said, looking really hurt.
"Fuck. Look, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to call you those names."
"But you think we're idiots and fags. You're just not saying it," Brad gazed at me with those hurt puppy dog eyes.
"Awww. Come on. Let me make it up to you. I'll buy you each some ice cream."
"And now he thinks we're kids," Ben said as he looked away, planting his face against a pillow.
"Oh, for fuck's sake, don't cry, Ben. Look, what can I do to make up for it?"

I swear Ben and Brad looked at each other in a most evil but victorious way.

"Fight us," Brad said.
"What?? Fight you??" I was incredulous.
"Yeah. Why? You afraid? Ben shot at me.
"Afraid of you? Hahaha I'm afraid I'd kill you! I mean, look at you guys!!"

They were a couple of skinny teens, about 5'6" and weighing maybe 150 lbs! They were a fraction of my size and here they were challenging me to a fight.

"Fuck. Guys, I love you like my own brothers! I dont wanna hurt you, ok?"
"Hurt us? Maybe we'll hurt you," Ben answered.

I wanted some peace and quiet. So I agreed to fight the both of them, thinking it would be just play-fighting. But there was more.

"No holds barred. First to cum or submit, loses. And the loser is the winners slave for the week," Brad said.
"Cum? What the fuck?" I laughed it off. Looking back, I should have taken them seriously.

So we moved the furniture out of the way and I faced off with Ben and Brad. Ben lunged at me and I laughed as I grabbed him, spun him around and held him in a bear hug. I stood at an angle so he couldnt elbow me or hit me when I was behind. Somehow I forgot about Brad. The little tiger jumped on my back, planted his arms around my neck and he was pretty strong for his age, actually! Since it got pretty uncomfortable, I let go of Ben to pry off Brads arms. I stood there, legs wide apart for support, laughing as I easily removed his scrawny arms from my neck.

Thats when Ben struck. I saw him drop in front of me and swing a vicious uppercut into my dangling balls. The pain didnt hit me yet. It was the shock of feeling his fist strike and sink into my male organs that stunned me. That was my biggest mistake. Ben threw another vicious punch into my vulnerable nads. With nothing but a
thin layer of cloth between my sensitive male orbs and his hard knuckles, I felt my rubbery testes compress against my pelvis. Brad dropped off my back and I, whimpering like an idiot, clutched my big injured testicles as I bent double, knees buckled and slowly sank to the ground. My balls were screaming in agony and my gut contorted with nauseating pain.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck..." I croaked pathetically, on my knees, ass in the air and my face flat on the ground. The twins were laughing hysterically.
"You were afraid of hurting us? Guess we hurt you, big boy," Brad teased.

I was mad. I thought it was just playing and here they hit me so viciously in the gonads. And it hurt me, physically and inside as well. I hadn't jacked off in two weeks, so my bull balls were loaded and much more sensitive.

"You wanna play rough, do you?" I was really angry now. I got up painfully and struck Ben in the abdomen with my fist. He screamed and collapsed, curled in a fetal position. Then I grabbed Brad up and threw him against the wall with my forearm pressing against his neck. I was boiling mad this time and was gonna hit him but the kid instinctively raised his knee and hit me square in the nads. I groaned as my big balls erupted in agony and staggered backwards.

Releasing Brad, I clutched desperately at my tenderized testicles, vainly trying to relieve the sickening nausea. Brad was coughing and sputtering and holding his throat. Obviously, he was in pain too. The knee wasn't too hard, thankfully. Within half a minute, I was up again. The pain was there but it was bearable. Ben was in too much pain but Brad was facing me, smiling.

"You little punk! I'm gonna beat you up and wipe that smile from your face!" I hissed. I must have lost it but I was bent on beating him to a pulp.

Brad lunged me and wrapped himself around my upper body, raining down blows to my head. That caught me by surprise. I backed away and he leapt off like a cat. I was bloodthirsty by now. Blind rage drove me on. I advanced, ready to attack. I swung a few heavy blows at him, but he nimbly avoided every one of them. Then he lunged at me another time and repeated the same move and I backed away as this boy latched onto me and ruthlessly attacked. He sprang off quickly but this time he ducked between by spread legs and before I could protect myself, he savagely kicked me in the balls from behind.

I was aware of his foot sailing up between my massive thighs then strike my already battered balls with a horrible thud. My world erupted in total torment as I howled pitifully, repeating that unfortunately all-too-familiar routine of clutching my traumatized manhood, bent double, knees buckled and sinking to the ground in
abject anguish.

"You know what's your problem, Tom? Your big sorry balls. You're so fucking proud of them but they always get you in trouble. See how big and useless they are?" Brad taunted me mercilessly.

I was so fucking mad that I managed to ignore the nausea and pain in my throbbing boy balls and threw myself at Brad smashing my full weight into his skinny figure. That caught him off-guard, and he was thrown across the room. He lay there whimpering and was motionless. Suddenly, I realized what had happened.

"Oh fuck. Oh no. What have I done? Brad! Are you alright?" I cried out as I knelt beside him. I was faintly aware that my bigger left nut had rolled out of my thin,
skimpy shorts but I didnt care.

"Brad! Brad! Im so sorry. Are you... ARRRRGGHHH!" I was ambushed by the little bastard. He had his hand around my exposed, pink, loose ball and was crushing it. He duped me! He twisted and squeezed my now-swelling, anguished testicle mercilessly. I sobbed and screamed pathetically as excruciating agony tore into my manhood and brain. Too weak to move, I clawed vainly at Brads hand as he kneaded my testicle with agonizing fury. Now, I had dropped to my side, trying to curl up as Brad knelt beside me, his hand maintaining its death-grip on my tenderized, aching gonad. I screamed like a girl as he pulled, twisted and crushed my trapped gonad. After what seemed like forever, he let go but I was sobbing hysterically into the carpet,
writhing in miserable pain and distress.

Ben came into the scene then. I heard him snicker behind me, "Tommy boy. Look at you. So big and tough. Always begging my sister for sex and getting rejected and having to go solo. Look at how pathetic you are. Your balls are just big, useless, weak and a liability to you, see?"

"Fuck you," I mouthed back.
"Your big balls make you stubborn and proud. But we know how to handle that, dont we, bro?" Brad chipped in.

I was too weak to resist when Ben ripped off my shorts. My big sorry balls flopped to the ground with an audible plop and I yelped in pain. He held me in a full nelson on my knees. He bent me back. I struggled weakly but it was no use. Brad stood in front of me. My red, swollen and very tender balls lay on the floor, extremely
vulnerable. He smiled. "Your big sorry balls got you into this mess, didnt they?" Brad quipped as he gently stepped on my round orbs.

"No... no... please I beg you... ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... FUCKING FUCK! FUCKING FUCK!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as Brad squashed my big, bruised, battered balls as if he were squashing a bug. I screamed till I could scream no more as cold sweat poured down my body. Tears rolled down my face and I bucked against Bens hold. It was all futile. I couldnt escape. When Brad removed his foot, I was beside myself in agony.

"Why... sob... why... sob... I thought we were... sob... like brothers?" I pleaded.
"Fuck you! We never could stand you! We know how you always bug our sister for sex. We know how you complain of blue balls just to make her feel guilty. Since your balls are giving you so much trouble, we should punish those big sorry balls, shouldn't we?" Ben retorted.
"I'm sorry. Please... no more." In my utter misery I forgot I could submit and end my suffering.

"Maybe the problem is two fold. Maybe its your cock as well as your balls," Brad said as he slapped on a cockclaw with one hand. The other hand slapped at my already traumatized and swollen testicles. My entire body tensed up as if I was convulsing, with spasms every time a slap struck my poor balls. I could only make dumb animal
noises as a response to the inhumane torment inflicted upon me. Two sources of pain my cock and my big boy balls. One a sharp twisting pain, the other a sickeningly deep ache that hit me in the gut.

When I was eventually released from my twin tormentors, I was a mess. Sobbing, curled up and too distressed to think straight. But something weird happened I sported wood. My cock swelled up to its full 7 inches and I was both embarrassed and shocked. There I was, a young virile adult male, 240 lbs of beefy muscle, sobbing and hugging my red, swollen gonads and sporting a massive hard-on in front of a couple of teens!

Brad and Ben looked on with pure evil in their smiles. They forced me on all fours, and I was too weak and far too humiliated to resist. Then, Ben started stroking my boner rapidly and it felt so fucking good. Brad slapped on another killer ballclaw with both hands one for each testicle. He tugged and compressed each ball in turn, making them explode in pure, indescribable pain. I was moaning both in pleasure and in pain. My breathing grew more rapid and my heart beat faster as I approached climax. I threw my head back, moans of ecstasy coming from my lips as my loins and aching balls tingle with the impending orgasm.

Sensing I was about to blow my load, Ben stopped masturbating me and Brad amps up my torment by about a hundred notches. He savagely tugs backwards and upwards at my screaming gonads and I could feel my ball cords stretched to the limit as he used my own pendulous scrotum to floss my ass-crack as he crushed my testicles. I screamed
both in response to the pain in my gonads and the fact I ejaculated. Spasm after spasm, my balls and loins erupted in orgasm as I sprayed my semen on the concrete floor. After about 12 spurts, I collapse sobbing, hurt, humiliated, exhausted in the pool of my own male milk.

I was on my abdomen with my ass still slightly raised and my legs slightly bent. My tenderized, throbbing, sensitive male organs dangled vulnerably barely touching the ground.

"Tom, you know, you could have saved yourself all this pain if it weren't for your big balls. Your big sorry balls are useless and weak!" Ben taunted.

With the corner of my eye, I saw Brad pick up an orange and fling it. It struck me dead-on in the bollocks. They were already so battered, so sore and so tender that when the fruit smashed into my own bruised fruits, I could only scream once and pass out.


I cringe as I recall my predicament. I could have beaten them if not for my big sorry balls. Staggering to my feet, gingerly trying to avoid any bumps to my exquisitely sensitive package, I hobble to the couch. Suddenly the lights come on and I freeze in fear. Ben and Brad are at the door, grinning cruelly.

"Sunshine's awake already I see?" Brad teases.
"How're your big sorry balls doing?" Ben asked as he kicks at my aching plums.
"NOOOOO... " I scream in alarm.
A loud, gut-wrenching thwack reverberates as his Nike slams into my bobbing balls. I whimper like a little boy as I drop to the floor like a ton of bricks, sobbing.

"Remember our deal, Tommy boy? You're our slave for a week and we can do anything we want to you," Ben reminds me.

My heart sank...


I managed to get a nights rest and the next day I felt much better,
though my big nuts were sore. I hobbled out of bed and grabbed a
protein bar for breakfast. What the fuck was wrong with me? I mean,
I just got humiliated by a couple of scrawny kids, I thought to
myself as I munched my bar. They made me wear a tank but forbade me
from wearing any pants or underwear. And they took free shots at my
already hurting, busted balls. My 6' 5", 240 pound frame of serious
muscle was no use as those two pencil-neck terrors pounded my large,
dangling balls.

They were so difficult to protect. My large, chicken egg-sized
testicles dangling in my long, loose nutsac made me so fucking
vulnerable. If there were some way I could protect them, Id beat
those two fuckers flat. If it wasnt for my big old balls

I wanted revenge and I wanted it bad. How could they humiliate me in
my own home? Maybe Id deal with one then the other. Yeah. Brad was
out for the morning and I heard Ben waking up. I wore my jock to
afford my poor, sore plums some much-needed support and protection.

Hey, slave! Who told you to wear those jocks? Take em off now,
slave! Ben jeered.
Why dont you come down here and make me, punk? I hissed in return.
Oh boy. Someones all cocky again. You wanna get your ass, or
rather balls, kicked again?
I wanna see you try, ass-wipe
Man, oh man. When will you ever learn you big-balled prick?

With one hand clutching my package, I squared off against Ben. His
5ft 6, 150 lb frame was dwarfed by mine. He feigned a punch at my
crotch and I backed away, intimidated.

You see? Your big old sorry balls are nothing but your weakness!
Ben taunted.

I closed in, getting angrier. He faked a kick at my sac and again, I
instinctively retreated.

Achilles balls, man. Your Achilles balls Ben teased.

I rushed at him, my hand still protecting my goods, burning with
rage. I was almost on him when he dodged to one side, and tripped me
up with his foot. I stumbled and crashed like a rock into the sofa
but somehow flipped over in such a way that my lower body was up in
the air and my upper body on the ground. I was dazed and took some
time to gather my senses. Ben gave me no time to recover. He came
right up to me, smiled at my unprotected testicles and picked up an
empty beer bottle on the table before savagely smashing it into my
soft, meaty balls.

I howled as I felt my big, sensitive gonads flatten and bounce back
only to be cruelly struck yet another time. I bawled my lungs out as
my hands frantically cradled my already traumatized plums. I curled
up in a fetal position, whimpering like a little boy whos just been
ballbusted, rocking back and forth as pain wracked my balls and
body. Ben danced away from me, laughing as he savored my torment.

Tommys got weak balls he sang cheekily as I wallowed in abject

I heard him whistling as he headed to his room. If you still wanna
kick my ass, Ill be up here, ok? he cockily announced.

It took a few minutes for me to recover. As the pain subsided, I
slowly and painfully got up. Shuffling up the stairs, I was still
furious and wanted revenge so badly.

Ben was unprepared this time. I spotted him with his back towards me
and with a roar launched myself at him. I caught him by surprise and
as my huge figure crashed into his tiny frame, by luck his knee came
up and smashed into my tenderized testes and I yelped in pain. I
landed on him but was significantly weakened by the pain. Ben
struggled and I tried to pin him down. In my weakened condition, Ben
managed to free one hand and ripped my jocks off. I gasped in pain
and shock with the sudden decompression of my tender meatballs and
that small window gave him the opportunity he was waiting for.

His hand plunged into my groin area and he immediately seized my
right testicle. I was absolutely terrified and begged, No, Ben
ARGHHHH!! as Ben savagely crushed and mashed my trapped spud. I
thrashed wildly trying to free my tormented testicle but Ben hung
on, alternately twisting and tugging while squishing my nut. I was
beside myself with desperation and agony, sobbing and screaming as I
bucked like a wild horse. The teen was merciless, he just looked
into my tear-stained eyes with psychotic sadism, grinning as he now
grabbed my left testicle with his other hand and proceeded to
torture both my balls.

I was now on my back, trying to curl up in a protective ball but Ben
was on top of me, his fingers wrapped like a vise around my now
throbbing, battered manhood. I retched as I sobbed miserably, too
weak and in far too much pain to scream or struggle much. I whined
pitifully, like a hurt puppy, hoping in vain for some sympathy from
my teenaged tormentor.

Not so tough are you, muscle stud? You can build your muscles but
your big sorry balls will always be weak and pathetic, Ben mocked
as he kept squashing my busted gonads. I could only mumble
incoherently in reply. It was an eternity of anguish before he
released my aching, burning plums which were now bright red and
obviously swollen. I curled up again, slowly, sobbing and gagging.
My relief was short-lived, however, as Ben fixed a dog collar and
leash around my neck and pulled me up.

Come here, slave. Now you are my male bull. If you obey my orders,
I might spare those weak, big, sorry balls of yours, Ben barked.

I could only obey and crawled on all fours as he pulled me along, my
balls bobbing and swinging between my muscular legs making me look
like a bull being led to the slaughter. He led me about the house,
jerking the leash to add to my humiliation. I sobbed as I humbly
followed and had a massive boner all the time, much to my horror and
humiliation. Ben then fastened his sisters scrunchy around the base
of my balls, effectively trapping them at the bottom of their sac.
Then he took a bowl from the kitchen and sat down beside me. I was
still on all fours with the leash around my neck.

Now, my slave bull, I wanna milk you till youre dry. I want you to
just follow orders, or else Im gonna hurt these big juicy meatballs
again, do you understand? he whispered in my ear as he gave my
aching balls a hard squeeze. I yelped my agreement.

Ben then started milking my swollen member. He stroked it like a
pro. It was the best handjob I had! I hung my head in humiliation;
being straight, it broke my spirit to get molested like that by
another male, a teen no less. Despite the throbs of pain in my nuts,
I was in the throes of an orgasm within seconds and moaned loudly as
my cock squirted copious amounts of gray fluid which Ben carefully
collected in the bowl.

I want more milk, slave. I want more milk from your big, weak, bull
balls. Ben furiously stroked my stiff cock which was incredibly
sensitive after ejaculation. I groaned in protest but Ben kept it up
and within a few moments, another orgasm rocked my loins as my
injured balls unloaded another few spurts of male milk. I was
panting in exhaustion and pain, I begged Ben, Please stop

Ill stop when I get enough milk from you, slave bull, Ben
retorted as he slapped my nutsac which bounced about in response. I
wailed in pitiful agony and Ben continued to stroke my engorged
member. It took a bit longer this time but I managed to blow another
load of semen into his bowl. This went on for some time and my
massively-engorged cockhead became an angry shade of purple.
Eventually, I couldnt come any more. I dry-came and I assure you,
my empty balls erupted in unbelievable pain. I cried miserably and
collapsed, one hand weakly cradling what was left of my shattered

Fuck. I didnt know a guy could fucking shoot so much jizz! Damn,
you really are a bull! Ben declared as he tugged my weak, broken
body upright. Stand up, slave bull! he ordered and I painfully
stagger to my feet, my huge muscular figure wracked by sobs.

I hang my head as I stand before my pint-sized tormentor, my spirit
broken. I was too humiliated and in too much agony to resist any

Drink up your milk, slave, Ben ordered as he handed me the half-
full bowl of my own whitish semen.

No... I protest but I was cut short as Ben brutally grabs my
busted balls and squeezes again.

Arghh fuck cough. Cough I scream then gag as Ben pours my own
cum down my throat.

Swallow that or Ill permanently destroy your balls.

I relinquished every last bit of my dignity and masculinity as I
gulped down the salty, bitter fluid, sobbing miserably as I did.

I had fun, slave. Now go sit in the corner until Brad comes home
and we can have more fun.

I dread what is to come but I can only obey. My big sorry balls
dangling and bobbing behind as I crawled to the corner, awaiting my

Beta Beta Fraternity


"Dude, don't join that frat house. Those dudes in there are some of the most fucked-up, insane people I know," some senior told Josh. Seeking to join some fraternity, Josh was moving around looking for one that he'd enjoy being part of. There were the usual ones like the nerds, the jocks and the drunken party animals, of course. But
Josh wasn't interested in any of them and so the only one left was Beta Beta.

"Why the fuck is it called Beta Beta?" Josh thought to himself as he walked towards the red brick building. Outside, he bumped into another guy who seemed interested to join. He was fucking huge - a beefy 6'7" and 260lb giant.
"Hey, dude, you gonna join this frat?" Josh asked.
"Yeah, man. They told me that this is the most crazy frat house to join!" the guy answered.
"I'm Josh by the way"
"I'm Jason. Nice meeting you"

Inside the building, Josh saw a strange motley crew of people. Those who appeared to be the recruiters were an interesting combination of characters. There was a really short guy, not a dwarf, but only about 4' tall but was incredibly cute and had the most intense green eyes he'd seen. Then there was another guy who was about 5'5" with a fairly athletic build, buzz cut and a scar on his right eye brow.

"Hey, I'm Colin," the cute, short guy said.
"I'm Ryan," the guy with the scar introduced himself.

Josh then met the other three guys who were interested in joining the frat. Mark was an Asian guy, about 6" tall but stocky and built like a tank. Then there was Ty, the pretty boy with long shoulder length blond hair and skinny 5'6" frame. Lastly, there was Adam, a lanky, decent-looking redhead with freckles.

"Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys," Colin announced. There were about 10 guys only. As they did, Josh couldn't help wondering what was so crazy about this frat house. They all seemed pretty decent, down to earth and rather boring, guys.

"I'm sure you heard about our reputation from the other frat houses. And I'm sure you are as curious as fuck how we earned it. I assure you, you'll know by tonight and whether you dare stay here," a guy named Van told us. "See you in our basement tonight"

"Very few guys could get through the initiation, but no one would tell me what they had to go through," Mark told me.
"I bet I can get through ANYTHING these guys throw at me," Jason mouthed off.
Josh spied Colin smile and whisper something to Van through the corner of his eye.

---The Initiation---

"Gentlemen, I commend you for your courage. You chose to join us knowing full well our reputation. I promise you, if you can survive our initiation and not bail out, you'll be part of a very close band of brothers," Van announced.
"Fuck that, man, let's get on with it! I can't wait!" Jason hollered.
"Patience, big guy. All in good time," Van replied with a rather evil smile.
"The first part will be a fight among the initiates and since there are 5 of you, Ryan will join in as well. Then there will a similar round but this time, I will be joining in the fun. For the last round, the initiates with the least number of submissions can choose who they'd like to fight. At the end, we'll let you consider whether you want to continue with the initiation," Colin announced.
"We've put you in pairs and you will fight till one submits. No holds barred. Initiates must fight naked. Ryan can wear whatever he wants to," Van continued.

The first pair to fight was Adam and Josh. It seemed a pretty even fight. Adam was about 6' and 180 lbs and Josh was though shorter at 5'7" was about 20 lbs heavier. Under Adam's red bush, was a 4" dick and his decent-sized, very low-hanging balls. Josh had a much thicker dick and slightly larger nuts that didn't hang as much. Adam
lunged at Josh and surprised him, knocking him flat on his back. They both then wrestled and grappled on the ground, both trying to gain the upper hand. Josh, being a better wrestler and more muscular, managed to put Adam in a schoolboy pin, his dick and balls touching Adam's mouth. Adam struggled and tried his best to throw
Josh off but failed. 'You give, bitch?" Josh taunted as he smacked his cock on Adam's lips.

"Fuck off, asshole," Adam defiantly replied as he struggled valiantly.
Growing tired and afraid of losing the fight, Josh reached behind him and grabbed Adam's pendulous balls. Adam's eyes grew wide with horror and when Josh squeezed those firm baby-makers, Adam screamed in pain. "You give?" Josh repeated.

"Fuck... you," Adam answered just before he screamed yet again as Josh yanked and twisted as he crushed Adam's aching plums. This time, Adam howled his submission, sobbing pitifully as he curled up on the ground, clutching his hurting gonads. Josh raised his hands in triumph as he stood over his vanquished opponent, sporting a very hard boner.

The next fight was between Ty and Mark. Now this was interesting, Josh thought as he rubbed his raging hard-on. This seemed a really one-sided fight. Ty weighed about 130lbs and stood at 5'6" only, dwarfed by the tank-like Mark, 6' tall and looked easily 230lbs of solid beef. He was a bit fat but was obviously very muscular and bulky. Ty had a fair sized dick and balls but was completely smooth. Mark had a rather small cock for his size, only about 3" long but he had a huge pair of lemon-sized balls hanging nice and low beneath a dark bush of pubic hair. Ty raised his hands to challenge Mark to a strength test, much to everyone's amusement. Mark smirked as he
accepted Ty's challenge. "I'm gonna cut him some slack guys, don't worry," Mark yelled out to the cheering guys.

Ty's hands met Mark's and it was soon obvious that Mark wasn't exerting his full strength. He just resisted as Ty grew more tired and red. As Mark smiled at a very red Ty, a sickening thud rang out as Ty slammed his foot into Mark's very vulnerable testicles. In fact, it was so hard that a smaller smack was heard as Mark's dangling balls swung back and hit his ass. Mark's mouth just dropped in a frozen scream of agony as his big nuts erupted in agony. Mark's strength failed and he wanted to just cup his traumatized manhood and crawl to a corner but Ty refused to let the wounded hunk's hands go. Instead, he swung his foot into poor Mark's throbbing testicles
a second time. A gasp of horror reverberated through the basement as another horrible thud preceded Mark's slow drop to the ground. The big beefy juggernaut collapsed to his side slowly, his hands nursing his agonized bollocks, writhing as very male anguish hit him in the pit of his stomach. Ty just grinned, sweeping back his long blond hair. Ty's cock was semi-hard as well and as Josh noticed, so were
most of the other guys in the room.

Mark was left in the corner, nursing his aching balls as Adam recovered and looking a bit sick, sat down with the rest of the freshmen. The last pair to fight was Ryan and Jason. This was not a very balanced pair either. Jason was a towering musclebound giant in comparison to Ryan, who wore a pair of black trunks. Jason had a huge, smooth package. His cock was about 6" soft and his nuts were about the same size as Mark's and hung about 7" low. Jason jumped up and down, punching his fists together, his big genitals flopping about. Ryan just smiled at the big hunk's antics.

Jason kept jumping around as he tried to land a punch on Ryan's face. Ryan, just ducked and avoided the big oaf's punches. As Ryan expected, Jason started to tire. He was sweating profusely, panting and his punches were getting more sluggish. Ryan then moved in for the kill. A punch to the jaw knocked Jason back as Ryan tore into
him with more punches into Jason's six pack. Jason continued his retreat until he was backed into a corner, uselessly resisting Ryan's onslaught. As the massive beefy Jason slumped, Ryan landed a ferocious punch that squished Jason's bobbing balls against his pubic bone, drawing a blood-curdling shriek from the injured hunk.
Jason hugged himself as he slowly slipped to the ground, in tremendous pain as a croaked, "I give".

The next round of fights were to start with Ty and Adam. Adam had recovered and now, he wanted to redeem himself. They squared off and Adam threw a punch that glanced off Ty's shoulder. "Fuck, you punch like a girl!" Ty taunted the taller guy as he slammed his fist in Adam's gut. Adam was winded but threw himself on Ty and the both of them were grappling on the ground, either one unable to gain an advantage until Adam managed to grab Ty from behind. They struggled on the ground, side by side with Adam's arm around Ty's neck from behind as his other hand reached between Ty's legs, seizing hold of his nuts and squeezing them. Ty groaned in pain but he was a tough
son of a bitch. He kept struggling as Adam continued crushing his manhood until he managed reach behind and grab Adam's own balls and squeeze the life of them. So, there they were, the two guys crushing each other's manhood and trying to make the other submit. They were in immense pain but each refused to give, trying to amp up the pain the others' nads. After a while, Van intervened, "Ok, Ok, guys. We'll call this a tie, ok? Now let go and let's move on with the next fight" and both fighters rolled away, in utter anguish, both clutching their tormented packages.

Jason had barely recovered from the assault on his nuts but he was next. And he was fighting Colin. Colin was a third of Jason's size, for crying out loud! Josh was hoping that Jason didn't kill him. Jason faced the pint-sized Colin, his red, slightly swollen testes hanging lower than ever. Colin was in his white briefs. Jason still kept mouthing off, "Hey, Tiny, I'm gonna wipe the floor with your
tears after this! I'm gonna make you cry for your mother!" Colin just told the giant, "Bring it on". Jason still threw his big clumsy punches but Colin easily avoided every one of them. Colin then leapt on Jason, wrapping his legs around Jason's muscular chest as he pounded the surprised hunk's head and face. Punch after punch rained down then Jason dropped off and as he dived between Jason's spread
legs, he grabbed his low-hanging fruit and swung like fucking Tarzan using poor Jason's long ballsac. Jason gasped in horror but before he knew it, Colin was behind him, yanking his pendulous scrotum between his muscular buttcheeks as his trunk-like legs buckled at the knees and Jason bent double, screaming like a schoolgirl. Colin
crushed Jason's trapped testicles as he tugged the long ballsac, flossing Jason's asscrack. Colin then started dragging the tormented hunk around by his balls! Colin pulled at his balls and Jason was forced to shuffle backwards, thighs still locked together and still bent over. Jason sobbed in humiliation and pain as Colin led him
round the basement. It was a ridiculous sight a tiny guy dragging a huge hunky bodybuilder around from behind by his balls! Colin alternately squeezed and twisted the tortured freshman's nuts, drawing pitiful cries and pleas for mercy.

Because the intense pain had paralyzed his brain as well, Jason didn't even submit, he was just a sobbing, crying, howling mess. Colin then forced Jason to his knees and as he crushed the hunk's testicles, he pulled off his briefs, revealing a very hard and wet cock which he plunged into the screaming beefcake's butt. Jason
sobbed and screamed as he was fucked and had his balls squeezed. In a few moments though, moans of pleasure replaced Jason's painful sobs as he sprayed his load on the ground. Colin soon followed, pulling his cock out and showering Jason's ass with his creamy white jizz. He then released Jason's swollen, angry red balls as Jason
collapsed in a miserable heap, crying uncontrollably.

Some guys had to drag Jason to a corner as he was in too much pain. Now, it was Josh against Mark. Mark looked pretty pale after the busting his balls took. He hobbled to face Josh and was in no shape to fight anymore. Josh faced his big opponent, who no longer looked so cocky. Mark used one hand to cover his manhood and the other to
try to fight Josh and therefore was forced to just defend. Josh danced around Mark, his eyes hungry for this meaty prey. He would jump in, land a punch on Mark's head or face, then dance away. He continued to toy with Mark, systematically weakening his bulky opponent. Fed up with the attacks, Mark struck out at Josh. He was waiting for his hunky prey to make this move. With blinding speed, he grabbed Mark's arm and twisted it behind him. Mark screamed in pain, his bulging muscles useless against such a tactic. Then Josh plunged his other hand between Mark's massively muscled thighs and grabbed Mark's larger, lower left testicle. Mark gasped in shock but
soon, he was screaming in agony as Josh applied inhumane pressure and torment to that ball. Tears flowed down Mark's face as pain from his right arm and left nut tore through his body. "If you dare submit, I'll destroy your left nut. I want you to jerk off now," Josh hissed in the beefy Mark's ear. Mark was about to resist but
sensing that, Josh cruelly squeezed and yanked the trapped testicle. Mark just sobbed, hung his head as he stroked his cock in front of a very horny crowd of guys. In a few seconds, Mark's body bucked as his 5" boner squirted globs of cum. Instead of letting Mark go, the sadistic Josh quickly stood up behind Mark and swung his foot between Mark's buttcheeks, his toes smacked neatly into Mark's traumatized manhood as Mark screamed once and passed out from the abject agony. Josh's cock was very hard and was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. So was Ty's cock. Adam was just too horrified but Jason was too busy nursing his own aching plums that he didn't notice.

"Well, that went well," Van said, obviously sporting wood. "Now for the final round..."

"NOOOOO! NOOOO! Please..." begged Adam. His manhood was in too much pain to continue.

"Adam won't be joining our frat, I guess. How about Jason?" Colin asked as he reached for Jason's injured balls.

"Huh? What? No please... no more... please" Jason pleaded.

"So it looks like only Ty and Josh are left." Van said.

Josh then faced Ty, both of them smiling at each other knowingly. They knew they were into this since the beginning since they both wore Kramtoad T-shirts earlier that day. Josh smiled at Ty, spread his legs as Ty kneed him in the nads. Josh groaned as he slumped to the ground. Ty dropped down as well and both the nude, horny guys assumed the 69 position, slapping and squeezing each other's balls.
The other guys in the room couldn't resist any longer and were stroking their throbbing erections. Soon, Josh and Ty were sucking each other's hard cocks while smacking each others' testicles and in no time, the two handsome ballbusters were moaning in pleasure as they shot their loads. And soon, a chorus of moans announced that most guys in the basement also shot theirs. Josh and Ty lay, exhausted and tired as they announced in unison, "We give".

Van, his pants stained with jizz, announced happily, "Well, welcome to BB frat, guys. Yeah, that's what it stands for."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bull Busted - The Humiliation Continues

Bull Busted – The Humiliation Continues

It was almost 6 months since my horrible defeat and humiliation at the fight. I couldn't believe how I, The Bull, a muscle-bound god, could have lost so ignominiously to some pencil-neck who called himself the Buster. What could have been the cause? I was the reigning Underground Wrestling Championship champ up until that fateful black day.

I was determined to regain my title and my honor. I had to! The past six months I spent in the gym, building my body and desperately trying to bulk up. I wanted to crush the Buster. Almost everyday, I was in the gym, pumping iron and punishing my already bulging muscles. I religiously gulped down protein shakes and mass gainers. I was intent on getting bigger and stronger. And tonight was the night.

In the locker room, minutes before the re-match with the Buster, I stood in front of my mirror, admiring 6 months of hard weight-training and tons of protein I packed on about 40 pounds of beef on my 6'6" frame. I was now a 300 pound behemoth with a 52" chest and 24" arms. How many 26 year old guys could boast of such an awesome body? In the process of bulking up, I gained a bit of a gut which blurred my six pack somewhat and I looked like an off season bodybuilder but I didn't care. This wasn't some freaking beauty show, it was a fucking wrestling match where the toughest, meanest guy won. I knew that guy was me tonight. I was fucking huge!

I decided against wearing my usual loin cloth and chose a pair of white trunks instead. The Buster enjoyed fighting dirty and I wanted to deny him the advantage he had in our last match my exposed over-sized balls. I got a special cup made for myself. Some space-age material shit that was light and strong. I had it made big enough to accommodate my large genitals. I gently placed it over my chicken-egg sized testicles and then inserted my fat 6 inch uncut meat cannon inside. I was impressed. It fit snugly and made my already ample package look even bigger!

The familiar surge of adrenaline came as I strode to the ring. The roars of adoration from my fans weren't as loud as they were. But I was gonna change that tonight. The Bull was gonna destroy the Buster tonight! I saw him enter the ring, looking just as he was 6 months ago. Looking at his 5'6", 160 pound tattoo-covered frame, I still couldn't believe that I lost to him. As the bell rang, we circled each other looking for a chance to strike.

"Hey, fat boy, you ready to get you big butt kicked again tonight?" he mocked.

"Fuck you, faggot! Your ass is the one on the line tonight!" I retorted, flexing my massive arms menacingly.

"I see you've stopped wearing that stupid black gay thing to cover your balls. Why? Your big useless boy balls too weak to take another beating, eh, fat boy?" he continued.

I roared as I lunged at him. My huge frame dwarfed him and as I swung my fist, he ducked and dived through my legs. I spun around and rushed at him again but the Buster just repeated the same move. I had to pin him down then use my gigantic muscles to crush the fight out of him. I lunged once more but all I hit was air as he dived between my legs but this time he kicked my plump butt before dancing out of my reach. I was mad with fury and lumbered in his direction again, determined to grab him. He simply hopped to one side as my huge figure flew past and he slapped my ass cheekily.

I felt my face burning red as I rushed at him yet again. As I was almost on top of him, he dropped to one knee and threw an uppercut into my crotch. The cup did its job and my balls just felt slightly uncomfortable. I smiled victoriously as I kicked him in the abdomen viciously. He screamed as he flew back against the ropes then rebounded, only to have my rock-like shoulder smash him in the solar plexus. He crumpled and was winded as I picked him up and displayed him on my shoulders before throwing him on the mat with a loud crash.

I then stomped his legs and lower back cruelly, drawing blood-curdling shrieks from him. I knew I was going to win this match! The Buster was a goner! As he writhed on the ground pathetically, I flexed my bulging muscles in the ring, showing off my massive beefy physique. I then knelt down and I could feel my cock stir. I picked up the Buster's limp figure and placed him in a sleeper hold. I was going to relish this moment, slowly choking off his air supply. My cock rose to its full throbbing 10 inches, pushing out my trunks and cup obscenely and as a result, my big right testicle plopped out of my trunks and cup. I applied the pressure around the Buster's neck as he struggled and grunted.

"It's useless, man. Don't fight it. Just let me put you to sleep and fuck your brains out," I whispered in his ear.

"Fuck you, fat boy!" he screamed.

I applied more pressure, my powerful bicep crushing the life from him. I was so horny now. I hadn't jerked off or had sex in almost a month and the thought of fucking his tight ass in revenge was driving me wild. My boner was now stroking his ass crack and I was leaking lots of pre-cum. Without warning, I felt his hand brush past my thigh and lock around my dangling right testicle. I gasped as he squeezed it, trying to make me let him go. I squeezed his neck harder, trying to make him release my aching gonad. I was weakening as nausea and pain hit me in the gut while the Buster crushed, yanked and twisted my poor right nut in his vise-like grip. I could barely keep myself from collapsing into the mat but tried to choke him. He didn't let go of my tenderized testicle but kept squishing the life out of it. We struggled there for almost an eternity, each trying to hurt the other so badly that he would give in. I was the one who gave up. Finally, the pain was too much for me to take and I released him, hoping that my trapped nad would have some relief but
I was so wrong.

Instead, the sadistic Buster maintained his death-grip on my right meatball and used that advantage to haul me to my feet. I whimpered as I struggled to my feet, hunched and trying to nurse my aching ball.

"Looks like fat boy here decided to wear a cup!" the Buster announced as he yanked at my blazing plum.

I howled in pitiful response as he made me stand on tip toes or risk having my testicle pulled off. I must have looked ridiculous standing all hunched over trying to clutch my severely aching ball while standing on my toes.

"Let's see how strong this cup is!" he continued as he then stretched my white trunks forward with the cup and let it fly back to smack into my left testicle. I screamed in agony as the cup's edge struck my nad, as if trying to break it in half. He repeated the same move again, while still crushing the life out of my now
swollen right testicle. I gasped in horrible pain and collapsed on the mat, desperately clawing at my hurting balls. I wanted to readjust the cup but somehow it had gotten all tangled up with my trunks. My trunks were tight and didn't allow much room for maneuvering and I was stuck in a ridiculous position one testicle hanging out from each side of my tight white trunks and my cock snugly protected in the cup, as if that would do any good!

Thanks to my pendulous ballsac, I looked like a complete fool I had my large plum-sized testicles flopping around about 3 inches from each side of my trunks. I struggled a bit and realized that the Buster was approaching. I could not focus on the fight due to my trapped nuts and he just lashed into me with punches. I raised my
huge, muscular arms to cover my head as furious fists lashed into my face and then body. My thick muscles offered some protection but I was weakening and he soon backed me into a corner. I just stood there, my big arms still protecting my head against his onslaught.

And then my world shattered. The Buster slammed his knee into my unprotected package, crushing both my hurting balls against my pelvis and the cup. Instinctively, I tried to double up as my hands shot down to protect them and I cried out pathetically. The Buster showed no mercy and methodically punched me in the face, making me reach to protect my hurting jaw and leaving my aching, vulnerable
groin open again. I felt his savage fist smash my right nut and then my left against the unyielding cup in a vicious right-left uppercut combo. I couldn't even gasp in response to the inhumane agony of my sensitive soft gonads being squashed between knuckles and a cup, as I dropped to my knees slowly, my mind swimming from the intense pain. I curled up on the mat, my eyes blurred by tears as I tried to
suppress the rising nausea in my gut.

"Look at that overgrown muscle oaf. All the muscles are useless against a small guy like me because he's got fucking soft, weak, sissy nuts," the Buster mocked.

He was strutting in the middle of the ring as I lay in the corner, a crumpled heap of muscle and pain. I struggled to my knees and somehow managed to yank out the horrible cup that, instead of protecting my manhood, was making it even more vulnerable to attack.

I tossed it aside and gingerly tucked my red, swollen gonads into my trunks.

"WEAK BALLS!" the crowd began chanting.

I was mortified and humiliated. I have never felt so much shame before. This was the Buster's fault. I wanted vengeance. I rose to my feet with murder in my heart. I roared and lumbered towards the Buster, intent on destruction but he neatly stepped aside and snap-kicked me in the nuts. Before my mind could register what was
happening, his foot sailed between my massively muscled thighs and struck my bulging balls with an audible thwack. I groaned in anguish as the agony bit into my mind but my momentum carried me forward and I crashed into ropes like a blinded bull.

I don't know how it happened but I somehow managed to get myself all tangled up in the ropes in such a way that my arms and head were on the outside of the ring but my legs, butt and the rest of my body were still in the ring. I was trapped by the ropes!! I struggled desperately but somehow it only worsened my predicament.

"Oh look what we have here!" I heard the Buster say as he grabbed a handful of my manhood while standing next to my trapped body.

"Fucking fuck you! Fucking don't fucking touch me, you fucking faggot!" I raged.

"Oh dear. That's not a nice way to behave! I think we should punish you, you lil pottymouth," he taunted as I struggled and cursed in reply.

The Buster had me where he wanted. My legs were spread for balance as I struggled vainly to escape. He eyed my mound of meat from between my muscular buttcheeks and then, he swung a fist that smashed right into my aching plums. I screamed and squeezed my legs shut as the pain exploded from my balls.

My body wanted to crumple to the mat but the ropes held me captive. I was absolutely helpless now. I was fucked. As I tried to choke back my tears, I felt the Buster grabbing my butt cheeks and squeezing them. My face burned with shame as I struggled but he kept squeezing my firm buttcheeks alternately while exclaiming loudly, "Man oh man. Feel this big muscle butt! I wonder how it'd feel like fucking such a massive fat butt?"

I tried to mule kick the Buster to stop him from molesting my ass. Big big mistake. He grabbed my leg and stretched it backwards as I balanced on my other foot. I swore in fury, not realizing how vulnerable I was now, or rather, how vulnerable my tenderized testicles were.

"Bad boy!" the Buster scolded as he smashed his boot into my bobbing balls, drawing a blood-curdling scream from me. I screamed as anguish erupted from my injured manhood. My once proud, overgrown testicles were nothing but a big liability to me now. I couldn't do anything to protect my aching orbs from the Buster's onslaught. He
kicked me again as I howled pitifully. "Oh, fuck... please, man... please..." I begged.

The agony of having my sensitive testicles cruelly smashed between my pelvis and the Buster's boot made me keen and groan like some pathetic little puppy. "Please, please... no more... please... my balls... " I sobbed. My pleas fell on deaf ears and another savage kick in my swollen traumatized plums ensued. My jaw fell open in a
horrible, silent scream of utter anguish as tears flowed down my handsome face. No sound came out of my mouth. The pain was too much for me to even squeak.

The Buster finally released my leg and automatically, my knees buckled, drawing my trunk-like thighs together to try to offer some protection to my throbbingly aching testicles which now had become twin orbs of agony to me. Regaining my breath somewhat, I sobbed pitifully as the pain bit into my gut and mind. I was too delirious with pain and was vaguely aware of the Buster pulling at the elastic
band of my trunks. A ripping noise suddenly cut through the fog of anguish as I realize that the Buster is tearing off my trunks. I grunt in protest as I struggle to get free, wanting to preserve every ounce of dignity I had left.

The Buster coolly destroyed my resistance with a punch that flew between my legs and crashed into my already badly traumatized manhood with a sickening smack. I wailed in abject agony and immediately stopped struggling as the Buster calmly continued to
remove my trunks and my pride. As he tore them off, the sudden loss of support for my low-hanging bull balls and the shock of them swinging about made me groan in pain. As if that weren't enough to humiliate me, the Buster forcefully spread my muscular buttcheeks and began admiring my asshole.

"Oh, man! Look at that tight little pink asshole! Man, I am so gonna enjoy fucking you, fat boy!" he declared. I was too broken and hurt to offer much resistance.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I felt his warm tongue tickle my asshole. I groaned in protest and anger initially, but as the Buster kept up his ministrations, my groans of protest turned into moans of pleasure and my big cock rose to full erection. I was soon involuntarily moving my hips, enjoying every moment. My pleasure was then shattered by a vicious hand grabbing my sensitive boy balls,
twisting and yanking those pendulous puppies backwards. I was then lost in a world of pleasure and pain as he kept rimming me while tugging at my poor swollen balls. I was making animal sounds which were like a mixture of lustful moans and pitiful whimpering.

The Buster then slammed his fist into my trapped gonads, flattening them between his palm and his knuckles. I howled at the top of my lungs and wanted to collapse. The Buster began untying me from the ropes. Slowly but surely, I was untangled. When freed, I curled up on the mat, cradling my injured, red gonads in my hands, my erect cock obscenely sticking out like a pole.

"Please... I give... no more... I beg you..." I whined as the Buster grabbed my thick neck and hauled me to my feet.

"Stand up straight!" he commanded.

I obeyed, my will and fighting spirit demolished. My boner thrust out in front obscenely as my bobbing balls hung proud and low. I bowed my head, humiliated. It must have been a sight a giant like me cringing before a skinny guy with a massive hard-on. Without warning, he landed a sharp slap across my smooth, hanging nuts and I
yell in agony as I double over, my hands instinctively reaching to protect my bollocks.

"STAND UP STRAIGHT!" he roared at me.

Sobbing and in pain, I obeyed, my head hung in defeat, tears streaming down my handsome face. Despite the pain, my cock was still thrusting upwards like a tower.

"Suck my cock," he ordered. Something inside me clicked with revulsion and somehow ignited a spark of resistance. I found the strength to seize a very shocked Buster in my massive arms and fling him across the ring. As he struck the turn-stiles and was momentarily stunned, I tried to escape. I made a dash towards the exit. I lumbered like a clumsy oaf due to the awful pain in my manhood as it swung about with every stride I took. Somehow, I misjudged my steps and I tripped over the ropes and fell over, hitting the concrete. I landed on my front and was momentarily out
of commission as my head struck the floor and so lay there, spread-eagled on my belly. As I regained my senses, I realized the Buster was getting up and rapidly approaching. I went crazy and scrambled on all fours, trying desperately to escape.

My plans were almost immediately terminated when I felt his hand plunge between my big buttcheeks and seize my dangling tenderized testicles. "Oh, God... Oh, fuck..." I groaned just before mind-numbing anguish made me scream hysterically as I felt my already sore balls being yanked behind me, stretching my hanging ballsac to it's maximum length. The Buster sadistically hauled my now-swollen and squishy nads so far backwards and upwards that I felt my ballsac flossing my ass-crack and my balls at my tailbone. I buried my face in the ground, on my knees with my ass in the air, as if held up by my big boy balls. My hands clawed desperately at my glutes to nurse
my abused balls but all I could reach was my ass and taut scrotum.

He hauled my sorry ass back to the ring. I was forced to struggle and waddle backwards as he dragged me backwards by my balls. I was made to remain on all fours in the middle of the ring, as the Buster then started milking my hungry cock from behind like some cow.

"Milk the Bull!" the crowd cheered in unison as I sobbed in humiliation.

My 10 inch bad boy was enjoying all the attention it was getting and in a few moments, my cock was spurting like some kid's water pistol. I shot my jizz on the mat as I moaned loudly with pleasure. The Buster kept milking my engorged cock despite my pathetic moans of protest and within a minute or so, I sprayed another load of my man milk on the mat. I was going crazy with pleasure and pain coming
from my over-worked cock meat and my large meatballs. The Buster then pulled my balls from behind me again, making me whimper like a school boy, and then tried to fuck me with my own balls! I cried in pain as he sadistically crushed my tender testicles against my muscular butt, trying to stuff them into my ass. Despite the
anguish, for some reason, my cock was twitching with excitement and with a few deft strokes from the Buster, I emptied another load of cum on the mat.

As I sobbed and moaned in defeat and a mix of pleasure and pain, the Buster took all my masculine pride away by stuffing his boner in my ass. As he fucked me doggy style, I yelped with every thrust as his firm, uninjured balls swung and smacked into my much larger, but swollen and exquisitely tender testicles. Even so, my dick was still as hard as an iron-rod and I could feel another orgasm approaching.

The Buster then pulled his cock out and with a grunt, sprayed his warm semen all over my swinging balls. I felt the warm, sticky globs drip down my dangling ballsac as I felt my own orgasm approaching fast. The Buster must have known I was about to cum as well. As my loins tingled with pleasure and the first spurts of male milk shot
out of my cock, I felt his foot swing and crash into my over-sized, traumatized testicles. With a howl of both pleasure and pain, all I can remember is a 300 pound Herculean male crashing to the mat into a pool of his own semen, totally unconscious.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bull Busted

Bull Busted

I strode to the ring, the bright lights blinding me slightly to the audience but their adoration was clearly manifest in their cheers. I was the reigning champ. I was their idol. I was a demi-god! I took my time to parade around the ring, stroking my big, tanned, bulging oiled muscles.

I knew I was no mere mortal man. I was The Bull. 26 years old, handsome and standing at 6'6" and made of 260 pounds of beef, I was an awesome male specimen. I had a huge package too. I was proud of my heavy, fat, low-hanging bull balls. The size of large eggs hanging in an 8 inch long smooth sac, I loved the way they bounced against my massive thighs as I walked. My uncut cock was a thick 6 inches, flaccid. I proudly displayed my ample genitals by wearing a skimpy white loin cloth every time I fought. I knew the base of my balls and the tip of my cock was visible under the tiny cloth. I knew my muscular bubble butt was obscenely obvious in that loin cloth. I wanted to flaunt my goods. I wanted to drive the crowd wild with lust and envy.

This was the Underground Wrestling Championship. Not that pussy, fake WWE stuff you see. This was real. Real men fighting and beating the crap out of each other. The audience was exclusively male. I made a name for myself as the biggest, baddest and youngest wrestler to be crowned champion. The rules were brutally simple: no ref, no
holds barred, first to submit or pass out loses and the winner gets to humiliate the loser in the ring. That was the part I lived for. Being able to humiliate another male fighter, to break his masculinity in the ring, that turned me on like some crazy aphrodisiac. I'd make them suck my massive cock as I jacked them off. Then when my bad boy reached its full 10 inches, I'd plunge it in their ass and fuck them there in the ring, my dangling balls spanking them with every thrust, hearing their screams of pain. Then I'd pull out and shoot my male milk all over their faces making them lick my cock after that.

Tonight, I was facing some unknown called The Buster. Stupid name, I thought. I stared arrogantly at him as he stepped in the ring. He was about 35 years old and a third of my size at a pathetic 5'6" and about 160lbs. Covered in tattoos and wearing black trunks, he looked like a mean street fighter but I've beaten and fucked many guys who were much bigger than he was. I'd have a really easy fight tonight.

"Hey, pencil dick, why don't you make things easy for yourself and let me fuck you right now?" I yelled across the ring, the audience cheering in response.

"I could say the same to you, big boy. Why not just save yourself the beating you're gonna get?" he mouthed back.

"Fuck you asshole! I'm gonna crush you like a bug!" I hollered as the bell rang indicating the start of the fight.

We circled each other for a while before I lunged at him. Slamming my huge fist into his abdomen, the Buster was flung against the ropes. As he bounced back, I followed up with a vicious kick to his chest. He dropped to the mat like a ton of bricks, holding himself. I then picked him up and slammed him into the turn-stiles. Without
allowing him time to recover, I then threw my entire weight against him, my muscular shoulder crushing small frame. Obviously in pain, he dropped to the mat again. I paraded around the ring, relishing the cheers of my adoring audience. I turned and saw the Buster slowly rising to his feet. He rushed at me and threw a few punches
at my muscled midsection and jaw. I shook them off easily, smiled at him before roaring and picking him up and body-slamming him like a rag doll into the mat.

He groaned in pain as he hit the mat. I paused whip the audience up again. Then I picked him up and body-slammed him yet again. He just lay there on his back, groaning but not moving. I knew this was going to end soon. My dick began to stir in anticipation and was soon fully erect. It pushed aside the skimpy loin cloth and my big bull balls flopped out proudly. I stood over the Buster, proudly displaying my hard-on and big balls, threw a double biceps pose as the cheers grew more frantic. I just stood there, enjoying my moment, as I noticed the Buster stir slightly and kick upwards. It happened too fast. Before I realized what was happening, his boot slammed into my meaty danglers with a horrible thud. I felt my own testicles flatten between his boot and my pubic area and then the pain and nausea hit me in the gut like a sledgehammer. My smile became a silent scream of agony as my knees buckled and my hands reached between my massive legs, clutching my blazing balls.

I stood there, bent double, hands nursing my hurting testes, making keening noises and the Buster scrambled to his feet and the audience fell into a dead silence. He smiled at me, then taunted, " Awwwww, did I hurt your boy balls?"

I pushed the pain to the back of my mind, and roared as I lumbered at him, swinging my huge fists at him. I was hell-bent on revenge. The Buster coolly avoided every punch. I began to tire, my face burning red as I kept up my attack. As my attack slowed, the Buster jumped on me. Wrapping his feet around my waist, he then rained down punches on my head and face. I backed off but he was relentless. I somehow managed to knock him off but I had been temporarily blinded by his swift attack. Disoriented and dazed, I stood there like a sitting duck and the Buster walked up to me, grabbed my huge arms, and using them as a lever, swung his bony knee into my very vulnerable testicles. Three loud, sickening thuds of bone slamming into soft testicular flesh and nerves later, the most awful pain I knew exploded from my large plums. My eyes tearing up, my jaw hanging open and making animal noises, my knees were buckled, my body bent over and my hands desperately clutching my tenderized
meatballs. The big bull balls I was so proud of and that gave me my nickname were now a source of terrible agony.

I resisted the desire to collapse to the ground. Instead of finishing me off, the Buster just stood in the corner of the ring, admiring his handiwork. He seemed to enjoy the sight of a much larger man hurting from his attack. The audience was still
absolutely silent, stunned by the sudden turn of events. A few minutes of gut-wrenching anguish later, I managed to weakly straighten up to keep fighting. My pint-sized opponent didn't seem at all intimidated although I towered over him. I sensed a distraction, and quickly wrapped my arm around his head. He was mine now! I had him in a firm headlock. No one has ever escaped from my headlocks.

"I've got you, fucker. You better submit before I crush your brains out," I threatened as I applied more pressure, drawing painful groans from the Buster.

"Fuck you, you big stupid oaf!" he retorted as he swung his fist into my bobbing balls. I could feel his fist power up from between my butt cheeks then thighs right into their meaty, sensitive targets. The first punch was devastating, my pendulous plums absorbed the full force of the strike and swung forwards and then smacked into the front of my thigh before bouncing back only to meet another sickening strike of the Buster's knuckles. Pain and anguish erupted from my traumatized gonads. I stupidly continued to try to keep him in the headlock as he pounded my now swelling testicles. About 5 nauseating punches later, I released him, too enveloped in
my painful universe. This time I dropped to my knees, hands clutching my large, red, injured balls. I knelt there, ass in the air, sobbing into the mat. The Buster wasn't in fighting condition either. My headlock had left him in considerable pain but it nothing compared to the anguish exploding from my aching balls. I wanted to
just curl up and cry in a corner. I didnt want to fight anymore.

My testicles were now red and had swollen to the size of tennis balls. It hurt even as they flopped about when I moved. I wanted to escape. I started crawling towards the ropes. As I reached the ropes and was pulling myself up, I felt a hand plunge down between my large butt cheeks. I froze in horror.

"Oh fuck, please no... please... FUCKING FUCK... ARGH!!!! FUCKING FUCKING FUCK!!!" I howled pathetically as the Buster yanked my traumatized manhood backwards between my butt cheeks and twisted viciously. He grabbed my ballsac at the top and trapped my large, swollen plums at the bottom of the sac and stretched my ballsac to breaking point. I screamed like a little boy as I felt my ballcords pulled to the limit and my balls being crushed at the bottom of their very pendulous scrotum. My tormenter kept tugging as I stupidly held on the ropes, as if I could free myself from his death grip. I sobbed like a stupid kid as he began raining down slaps with his other hand. I yelped and my muscular body spasmed uncontrollably as the Buster spanked my trapped, red, tenderized danglers.

"Let go off the ropes, unless you want me to rip your balls off," the Buster warned me as he tugged savagely at my manhood. Sobbing pathetically, I obeyed. The Buster then dragged me around the ring by the balls. I was horrified but in too much pain to resist. I stumbled backwards as the Buster hauled me around like an animal on

"I've got the Bull by his big bull balls!" the Buster announced proudly. The audience went crazy. How could they? Wasn't I supposed to be their champ?

He dragged me out of the rings by my balls. While trying to exit through the ropes while being dragged by the balls, I almost fell. I yowled as I felt him pull viciously at my testicles as if they were some leash. I couldn't believe it. I was being paraded around the hall by the balls! I was always proud of my ample manhood but I never expected to be humiliated by them. I stumbled clumsily around, trying to keep pace with the Buster, being bent double, hands clawing at my pubic area and legs slammed shut together with my balls being yanked. I was a crying sobbing and whimpering mess as the Buster cruelly tried to give me a wedgie with my own ballsac. He flossed my ass with my pendulous scrotum as the audience cheered him on. Some guys were even taking the chance to grab at my trapped testicles. It was awful. Slaps, punches, squeezes, pinches and even head butts tortured my aching, burning balls.

After an eternity of pain I was dragged back to the ring by my balls again. He released me and I dropped to the mat like a brick. I curled up, delirious with pain, whimpering, sobbing and pleading not to be hurt anymore. "Do you submit?" he asked. I muttered incoherently.

He took it that I wasn't submitting. He then ripped off my loin cloth both the front and back pieces and I was left with just a piece of string around my waist. He then grabbed my hair, dragged me to the corner and using my laces, tied my hands to the ropes. I knelt there, very vulnerable but in too much pain to comprehend what he was doing. Then he used my loin cloth and tied a tight ball-ring with one and a cock-ring with the other. I groaned in pain as I felt my balls congest with blood and cum. He then reached between my legs and wrapped his fingers around my left nut. My big balls were now swollen much larger and it was impossible to grab both. He crushed my poor left nut and I cried out in agony, tears streaming down my face. The Buster asked me to submit and this time I screamed my submission.

I thought my torture was over but I was so wrong. I forgot about the humiliation part. The Buster reached behind my balls and began caressing. I soon forgot my pain and moaned in pleasure as my cock began to respond. Soon, it was fully erect and the cock ring kept it that way. My balls ached for release. The Buster had other plans. He pulled his trunks down and pulled out his own leaking boner. It was pretty average but he grabbed my hair and shoved it into my mouth, roughly face-fucking me as I gagged. In a few minutes, he was about to cum and I tried to pull away. The Buster just placed the toe of his boot on my balls which were so low hanging that they were resting on the mat, like a pair of ripe fruit. As he applied pressure, I sobbed and obediently sucked his salty dick. He was soon moaning in pleasure as he came in my mouth. Pulling out, he squirted his manjuice on my face. I hung my head in humiliation and defeat, but my hard engorged cock was still thrusting outwards obscenely.

The Buster then grabbed my cock and began pumping it. With every stroke my dangling balls would flop up and down, smacking against the hard ground with audible thumps. Somehow, that produced an incredible mix of pain and pleasure and in a few seconds, I was moaning in ecstasy as I blew my big load all over the mat.

"Fuck. I didnt know anyone could have so much cum!" the Buster remarked as he kept stroking my still-erect member. I groaned in protest at his ministrations but incredibly, I was soon squirting semen like some fucking water pistol. I was spent by now, but the Buster kept milking me. I was delirious with pain, pleasure and exhaustion by now. I don't know how many times I came. I was milked dry. My loins tingled with orgasmic pleasure, my balls were aching and my engorged cock horribly uncomfortable. I whimpered pitifully as I dry came. I had left quite a big puddle of my jizz on the mat. I was a whimpering, sobbing, whining mess as the Buster then untied my hands. I wanted to just retreat to a quiet corner and cry myself better but before I could do anything, he viciously swung his foot into the V of my legs.

His foot crashed into my super-sensitive and swollen plums and I screamed once before passing out, collapsing into a puddle of my own semen.

I can't remember what happened after that...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Somehow bullying never goes away. It may change form as we get older but it just never goes away. Mark used to be a really scrawny kid who was constantly picked on in school. In college, the skinny 6'5" Mark fell in love with bodybuilding and actually went on to win a few amateur shows after a couple of years of serious training and dieting.

And so Mark evolved from lanky geek to massive muscle-bound hunk. He worked an office job and had put all his high school days behind him. One day, a new worker named Justin joined his company. When Justin arrived, Mark's jaw dropped and all his high school memories came flooding back with a vengeance. Justin was the guy who incessantly bullied him! And now here he was.

Justin seemed fairly polite to everyone, including Mark. Mark thought that perhaps Justin no longer recognized him and so, didn't think much of it. Justin himself seemed pretty laid back, relaxed and not at all the asshole he was in school. The following week, the company was organizing a Halloween party and everyone had to dress up for the event.

Mark chose to dress up as a Trojan soldier, to show off his beautifully built body. He stood in front of his mirror, admiring how his body looked in that little skirt thingy and the fake armor. His massive shoulders and arms and legs were truly a sight to behold. It was a wonder that he could find a costume that fit! Just to be naughty, Mark chose to wear nothing but a sports pouch under his skirt. The pouch was only big enough to accommodate his large cock but not his ample, lemon-sized testicles and Mark got a kick out of that. He wasn't at all shy of his big manhood. In fact, he would "accidentally" allow others a glimpse of his enormous package.

Mark was the star of the party. Everyone was in awe of his costume and even more awed by his body. Halfway through the party however, Mark's girlfriend, Eve, asked for a ride back to the office as she had left her cell phone there. Mark volunteered to go get the phone himself and so left, striding around town in all his glory. Yes, people did stare at the beefcake with the mini-skirt!

He got to the office and was surprized to see the lights still on. He peeked in and saw Justin still there, working on something.
"Hey Justin" Mark called out.
"Hey... oh my God... hahaha" Justin roared in laughter.
Mark turned red and answered, "What the fuck is your problem?"
"Nothing... Hahahaha..." Justin was beside himself.
Mark ignored him and looked for Eve's phone.
"You look fucking gay, man," Justin taunted.
"Fuck you"
"I'm not into that, man. Even if you are"
Mark was really angry by now.
"Angry now, Marky boy?" Justin teased.
That was the name Justin used when he bullied Mark in high school.
Mark was speechless, angry and hurt.
"Come on now, big guy. How could I forget you?" Justin continued. "I had the most fun with you. The other kids were just boring. You provided me with so much fucking fun. Remember how I used to pin you down and squeeze your balls? Man, you had the biggest balls in school but they were so fucking tender and sensitive! You would convulse like you were having a seizure or some fuck like that while I grabbed your junk. Then you would be sobbing yourself silly on the ground!"
"Fuck you, Justin... Fuck you..."
"Is that all you can say now? Come on... I'm sure you kinda enjoyed the whole experience since you seemed to have a boner all the time after I hurt your balls. Did it toughen your balls, Marky boy? I hope I didn't ruin your sex life, man. You ballin' that Eve bitch, right?" Justin went on.
"Fuck you, asshole. Leave her out of this, ok?" Mark yelled.

The two men faced each other now. Mark dwarfing the 5'7", 170lb figure of Justin.

"She's got a fine ass, man. I hope those nads of yours can still shoot jizz after the beating I gave it in school. I mean, it'll be a waste if you couldn't fuck Eve, right?"

Mark just roared in anger and rushed at Justin. Justin was much quicker and threw a snap kick between Mark's massive thighs, catching his big, dangling balls spot on with an audible thwack. Mark howled as he crashed into a pillar then to the ground, hands clutching his nuts as they exploded with pain.

"Still got those big, weak balls I see. Damn, I would think that after all that beating they would be tough little fuckers!" Justin taunted.

Mark struggled to his feet, fighting off the pain. He lumbered towards Justin, his large sore balls swinging beneath his loin cloth. He swung a few clumsy blows at Justin who evaded them easily. Justin then faked a punch at Mark's face. Mark raised his hands instinctively and like lightning, Mark grabbed his muscular shoulders and swung his bony knee into Mark's vulnerable testicles.

Two sickening thuds of hard bone smashing into soft testicular tissue later, Mark could just groan pitifully as he sank to his knees in slow motion, in utter agony. Somehow the pain must have been so paralyzing that Mark didn't even cover up his traumatized plums. After bringing his opponent to a more manageable height, Justin sank a few punches into Mark's handsome face, then viciously kicked him in his bobbing balls again. Mark just made keening, animal noises as he dropped to the ground in a fetal position, cradling his aching balls as waves as nausea tormented him.

Mark's loin cloth was far too skimpy. As he writhed in agony, his bubble butt and genitals flopped out obscenely.

"Oh damn. Look at the size of those babies!" Justin exclaimed looking enviously at Mark's red, swollen testicles rolling in their very pendulous ballsac. For some strange reason buried in Mark's psyche, his cock began to stir in some perverse response to the abuse his balls were getting. Perhaps it was some teenage memory. He was both humiliated and in pain as his cock rose to a majestic erection.

"Fuck. I knew you liked getting your nuts hurt!" Justin laughed.

Mark gingerly crept on all fours, his boner vulgarly tenting his sports pouch and lifting his loin cloth. He was moving away from Justin who saw Mark's massive mounds of meat swinging invitingly between his very muscular legs.

Justin grabbed Mark's swollen balls and tugged them back viciously drawing a blood-curdling scream from Mark. "Oh please, man... please stop... not my balls..."

Justin just used both hands, one hand for each ample gonad, and proceeded to squeeze them alternately. Abject agony and pain pulasated from Mark's aching balls. Justin ignored Mark's delirious pleas for mercy and began pulling them upwards so that the ballsac was flossing his butt and sticking out obscenely through his muscular buttcheeks. Justin tugged upwards, drawing inhuman howls from the frantic hunk.

Justin pulled until Mark's ass was high in the air and his head and his feet on the ground. Marks hands clawed desperately at his ass and groin trying to alleviate the pain but because his ballsac was so loose and long, Justin managed to maintain his deathgrip on Mark's now very swollen and red testicles with little hindrance.

Mark's mouth was frozen in a silent scream of torment as his body bucked and spasmed in response to the horrible pain. After an eternity of torment, Justing let go, tired from squeezing those massive testes. Mark collapsed and curled up, his hands feebly nursing his tenderized nuts. Justin grabbed Mark's throbbing boner and after a few seconds, Mark was screaming as both pain and pleasure erupted from his very sensitive plums. Mark squirted load after load of man juice as he sobbed uncontrollably both from the pain and the humiliation.

"Gee. I almost forgot how fun that was, Marky boy! See ya tomorrow!" Justin called out as he strolled out of the office leaving the beefy hunk wallowing in his tears, cum and pain.


After getting his ample manhood busted and humiliated by Justin, Mark tried to pretend nothing happened the next day at the office but still cowered and grew anxious whenever Justin was near. It was quite a sight to see the 24 year old, 6'5" 250lb beefy Mark intimidated by a 170lb, 5'7" punk who was about 3 years older. Justin became incredibly friendly towards Mark, on the other hand. But only in front of the other workers.

Whenever he was alone with Mark, Justin would seize every opportunity to bust Mark's large nads. And so, Mark's days were punctuated by episodes of acute, gut-wrenching testicular pain and humiliation. One thing Mark enjoyed doing was sneaking into the copy room when Mark was busy and when Mark bent over, Justin would plunge his hand between Mark's muscular buttcheeks and grab Mark's bobbing balls. A few seconds of getting his low-hanging fruit crushed would leave Mark bent double, his hands clutching desperately at his traumatized manhood. Since Mark only wore very thin silk boxers, his big boy balls were very vulnerable and very easily hurt.

Mark had a habit of standing with his feet really wide apart when he was pissing in the urinal and Justin made full use of that habit to further humiliate the beefcake. He'd sneak up behind Mark's gigantic frame, drop to one knee and sink a well-placed fist into Mark's hanging plums. The result was always dramatic. Mark would grunt, swear, knees buckling, head flush against the wall and hands grabbing for his aching balls with his large dick, still out of his pants, spraying urine all over like a kid's water pistol. After recovering from the blazing pain in his privates, Mark would limp out of the john and suffer the amused stares of colleagues who always wondered how he could piss all over himself.

Mark's will to fight was broken and he took everything Justin dished out, timidly. Mark couldn't quit since his job paid really well and he enjoyed it, so he chose to suffer in silence. One day, their boss told the both of them that they were going on a three day business trip together to Vegas. Justin was extremely pleased but Mark just nodded miserably. Three days alone with his bully. How would he survive?

It was a 4 hour flight there and Mark was dressed in loose, thin sweatpants. His nap was rudely awakened by a horrible pain from his gut and groin. To his horror, Justin was smiling sadistically with his hand under Mark's blanket. He viciously twisted and squeezed Mark's meaty twin mounds and Mark groaned in agony. Not wanting to make a scene, Mark's mouth was opened in a silent scream of anguish as his hands tried to pry open Justin's death grip on his throbbingly painful manhood. Justin released Mark's baby-makers and Mark nursed them as his cock rose to a majestic erection, tenting his blanket obscenely. The air hostess, who happened to be passing, saw Mark's boner and when she saw his hands massaging his nads, she whispered, "Perv" and gave him a look of utter disgust.

Mark seemed to have a permanent erection through the entire flight. Justin barely gave him any respite. Every time Mark let his guard down, a squeeze, slap or punch would make his testicles explode with pain. He began to wish that he had worn underwear instead of free-balling. After an agonizing flight, Mark was relieved to be able to get to the hotel for some rest. But, much to his horror, he realized that he would have to share a king-sized bed with Justin. Little did he know that Justin had made that arrangement with the hotel.

"Oh fuck. I'm not sharing any bed with you, man," Mark protested as he entered the room.
"Oh yes, you are. The hotels are fully-booked," Justin answered.
"Fuck. Then one of us will sleep on the floor," Mark retorted.
"Fuck you, Marky boy. We're sharing the bed, and that's final."
"No fucking way. I'm no fucking fag. You can have the bed. I'm taking the floor."

Without warning, Justin grabbed Mark's massive muscled arms then swung his knee between Mark's big thighs twice. Two sickening meaty thuds later, Mark was screaming in pain as he collapsed into a writhing, sobbing heap on the floor. "Oh, fuck, my balls. My balls." he whined.

"I said we're sharing the bed. If you call me a fag one more time, I'll destroy those weak, pathetic balls."

After a long time of pain, Mark managed to hobble to the shower and clean himself up. Previously proud of his big bull balls and ample cock, he was terrified to get naked in front of Justin. However, since he only wore really skimpy silk boxers that barely covered his large package, Justin had a great view of his favorite target - Mark's balls. Mark crawled into bed with Justin smiling cruelly.

Mark faced away from Justin and in no time, fell into deep slumber. Moments later, that familiar nauseating pain woke Mark up. Mark groaned in agony as he woke and realized that Justin was pulling on his pendulous plums from behind and slapping those trapped puppies. Mark curled up into a painful ball, sobbing into his pillow as Justin yanked and slapped his tenderized, swollen meatballs. Every slap to his balls would make his body spasm as if electricity were passing through. After an eternity of anguish, Justin grew tired and released the beefy hunk from his torment. Mark curled up even more, sobbing pathetically as waves of nausea hit him in the gut.

The next morning, Justin pretended nothing happened as Mark awoke. Jumping out of bed, Mark winced and cried out as his swinging sac bumped against his muscled thighs. He limped to get ready to meet his company's clients. The day seemed to go on smoothly and Mark and Justin concluded some really good deals for their company.
Forgetting his pain and humiliation, Mark was feeling on top of the world. Justin, of course, refrained from any horse-play in front of the clients. They had a good dinner with their clients and then headed back for a final night at the hotel. The next day they were leaving Vegas.

Mark stripped to his white skimpy boxers and his equipment flopped about vulgarly with every step he took and Justin was just itching to bust him again so he started a fight. "Hey, Marky boy! Remember our high school days? Remember how you'd always go about with a big boner after I hit you in the balls?" Justin taunted.

Mark kept silent as Justin went on, "I still remember the time in the locker room when I towel-slapped your boy balls. Man, you were bawling your lungs out and crying like a fucking little girl."
"Fuck you, you fucking asshole," Mark seethed.
"You wanna hit me, dont you?" Justin provoked.
"I wanna beat you to a pulp, you motherfucker," Mark hissed.
"Come on then, big boy. Just go for it," Justin went on as he slapped Mark's ass.

With a roar of fury, Mark was soon on top of Justin. Justin struggled as Mark easily overpowered him and as Mark's muscular frame bore down further, Justin thrust his hand between Mark's trunk-like legs and grabbed Mark's right testicle as it rolled out of the leg of his skimpy boxers. Mark froze and soon his world collapsed as Justin crushed the life out the big gonad. Mark made weird animal noises, his hunky body wracked by inhumane pain as Justin tugged, twisted and squished his testicle. Justin quickly rolled away and escaped from the injured hunk. Mark staggered to his feet, wiping the tears from his handsome face but Justin was quicker. Without missing a beat, he snap kicked Mark right in his sensitive, swollen plums. Mark howled and as he dropped, Justin punched him in the jaw. Mark crashed into the wall, dazed.

"Get up, you big useless oaf. Come on, you weakling!" Justin prodded.

Blinded by rage, Mark's huge figure rose again and he kicked at Justin. Justin neatly ducked and caught Mark's leg. Mark staggered for balance as Justin swung his knee into the hunk's vulnerable dangling testicles. Mark screamed as Justin threw two more knees into his rapidly swelling, agonized balls. He then threw Mark's leg upwards as the big, sobbing hunk crashed into the corner. Mark just curled up, nursing his badly swollen and hurting manhood, sobbing in defeat and pain.

By now, Justin was so turned on and yanked out his very wet 5" boner as he knelt next to the crumpled heap Mark was now reduced to. He grabbed Mark's tenderized boy balls with one hand and Mark looked up at his tormentor, terrified.

Justin started caressing Mark's sensitive nads and soon, Mark's big cock was rock hard and leaking despite the awful agony in his traumatized testicles. Something clicked in both Justin and Mark. They gazed into each other eyes, both burning with lust and desire. Mark grabbed Justin's balls and pulled him closer. Justin kept gently massaging the fallen, horny hunk's squishy meatballs. Mark put Justin's wet boner into his mouth and sucked hungrily. Justin now was stroking Mark's also leaking rock-hard cock.

In a few moments, moans of pleasure replaced the groans of pain as both men approached orgasm. Justin grunted as he shot his hot jizz into Mark's mouth. Mark himself began involuntarily thrusting his hips as he squirted his huge load of male juice on the rug. Justin collapsed, exhausted next to a panting Mark, gazing affectionately at him now. Justin placed his lips closer and both of them were soon kissing contentedly. That night, both of them slept on the floor.

Apology Accepted?

After an intense gym session and a warm bath, Josh looked at himself in the mirror. Extremely satisfied with his workout and admiring his hunky body, he flexed various muscle groups as he basked in his narcissistic glory. At 25 years of age, Josh was quite a stunning male specimen actually. Standing at 6"1" and a lean 200lbs, he sported a handsome face with hazel eyes and sandy brown hair. But the part of his body he was extremely proud of was of course, his manhood. His cock was 5" flaccid and when erect, that bad boy was 9" long. That huge dong rested on two loaded, golf ball-sized testicles.

While posing in his tight red jock strap, he would occasionally grab his massive package and enjoy the stirring he felt in his loins. "Man, I gotta find a chick tonight. My nuts are bursting with cum," he mumbled to himself. He hadn't bedded any girl in a week and he was getting a bit frustrated about it. Josh stripped off his red jocks and went to his locker buck naked. He wasn't at all embarrassed. In fact, Josh enjoyed the attention he got from guys looking enviously at his large genitals flopping around.

He noticed a group of 4 guys coming in. They looked pretty young. About 17 or 18 at the most. Maybe 5'6" in height. Skinny dudes dressed like basket-ballers. Suddenly, one of them, Tim, called out to him, "Hey asshole! I wanna talk to ya."
"What the fuck do you want you little prick?" Josh retorted.
"Remember Julie?" Tim asked.
Josh thought for a while". "Oh yeah. I balled her about a week ago. What's the matter, punk?"
"She's my sister, you fuck. You fucked her and dumped her. No one does that to my sister."
"And so what do you plan to do about it?" Josh folded his arms, his muscular frame towering over Tim.
"You're gonna apologize to her or I'm gonna kick your ass so badly you'll wish you never met her."
Josh laughed scornfully. "Big words for such a small guy!"
"Toby, lock the door," Tim ordered.
"Just me and you, fucker. These guys won't interfere," Tim announced. He had no intention of keeping that promise of course.
"You are so gonna regret this, punk. I tell you what, I'll let you have three free gut shots at me then we'll fight. Ok? So you don't say I've been unfair," Josh answered cockily.

Josh stood there, hands on his hips. He tensed his sculpted abs and awaited Tim's strike. "Number one" Tim announced and fired a fist that smacked into Josh's dangling testicles with a sickening thud. Josh's jaw dropped as his hands clutched his injured gonads. Bent slightly at the waist and in incredible pain from the blow, Josh couldn't breathe properly let alone speak or moan. The agony slowly spread to his gut as he nursed his balls.
"Fuck..." he managed to croak.
"Oops, sorry, dude. I aimed a bit too low I think. I'll aim higher for my second shot."

For some stupid reason, Josh straightened himself and prepared for the next shot leaving his vulnerable testicles dangling invitingly. Tim took aim again and threw another devastating punch into the hunk's bobbing bollocks. Josh yelped as Tim's knuckles connected with his tender testes and smashed them against his pubic bone. His balls burning, Josh doubled over, trying not to fall. He was gasping for breath, fighting the wave of horrible nausea building up in his core. He staggered a little but managed to maintain his balance.

"This is one stupid fucker," Tim thought to himself as he saw Josh bent over with his hands on his thighs. He wasn't even protecting his jewels. They hung so temptingly like to big lemons between his muscular legs. Tim stood behind the bigger guy who was now too much in pain to fight much. He swung a fist between the hunk's legs from behind that crashed into his aching balls. Josh screamed this time. But instead of withdrawing his fist, Tim grabbed hold of Josh's poor nuts. He viciously tugged them backwards until his ball cords were stretched to the max. Josh screeched as inhumane pain seared his mind. His knees buckled but Tim had a stranglehold on his manhood. Tim twisted and squeezed savagely as Josh began to sob.

Randy, one of Tim's friends was recording the entire scene with his camcorder. Josh sobbed and screamed and begged like a little boy as Tim squeezed his large, swollen balls mercilessly. Tim began dragging Josh around by his balls. Josh was forced to stagger backwards, crying out in pain as Tim humiliated him. Time then forced the sobbing hunk against the wall. Josh now couldn't bend over but had to stand almost straight. This increased the tension on his testicles as Tim continued tugging from behind. Josh was crying and mumbling incomprehensibly as Tim administered a few sharp slaps to his tormented testicles while squishing and twisting them.

Josh wanted to pass out but the pain somehow kept him awake. Finally, Tim released him but just before he collapsed, Tim kicked him cruelly in the balls. Josh cried out and collapsed in a miserable, sobbing, hurting mass on the floor. It was a remarkable sight. A tiny punk with a huge hunky male crying like a little boy at his feet begging him to stop hurting him.

"Get him up," Tim ordered. Two of his pals dragged the broken hunk to his knees one holding each arm. Randy took a close up of Josh's red, swollen testicles and strangely enough, erect cock. The guys were amazed to see such a huge cock.
"I think the faggot's enjoying us playing with his balls," Randy said.

Josh hesitated but Tim helped him make up his mind. He pulled off his Nike and slapped Josh's tenderised gonads repeatedly. Josh howled in abject agony and thrashed about but the two guys held him securely. "You gonna comply?" Tim asked.

Josh did. With tears streaming down his handsome face and a raging erection, he said the words.

"Good. Now kindly jerk off for the camera," Tim commanded. Josh's will was completely broken by now. One guy released his arm and he stroked his cock and within a few seconds, moans of pleasure replaced his sobs of pain as a powerful orgasm rocked his loins and his cock spurted his male milk like a hose. Globs of semen squirted from his throbbing cock as Josh moaned in pleasure.

Without allowing the broken and humiliated Josh to recover from his climax, Tim slammed his foot into the hunk's traumatized testicles. Josh screamed once and then just collapsed unconscious from the unbelievable anguish.

College Dorm


It's been about a month since moving into the college dorm. I shared my room with Matt, a swimmer with the cutest face and most charming smile anyone could have. His short blond hair and beautiful blue eyes made him the centre of female attraction in his class.

I sometimes kinda wished I had looks like his. I looked like your typical gym-rat - square jaw, short spiky brown hair, hazel eyes and a bulky physique. At 6'3" and 250lbs, I guess I intimidated most girls but heck, I liked my big brawny bod. Perhaps I loved myself more than any girl :-)

Speaking of self-love, I hadn't jerked off since moving in. It was a bit awkward spanking my cock in a new environment. Anyways, I couldn't bear the pressure building up in my dangling balls anymore. It was driving me mad. I'd get hard-ons at the most awkward times ever, like while bench-pressing, for example! And so I powered up my laptop, stripped to my tight white boxer briefs and sat at my desk. Matt was at swimming practice now so I had some time to myself.

I started viewing some BGEast videos of hunky wrestlers going at each other's nads and trying to make the other submit by applying the devastating ball-claw. My cock soared to its full 8". My balls ached for release but I didn't really touch my throbbing boner yet. I wanted to wait until I could have a really mind-blowing orgasm. Since I had headphones on (better to hear the wrestlers groaning in agony as their balls are mangled) I didn't hear the door open. Suddenly I looked up and there was Matt. Standing right in front of me, smiling broadly and obviously very amused. "Fuck!" I exclaimed as I yanked off my headphones and nearly fell over the table. My cheeks blazed with embarrassment.

"Whoa there, Stud. Don't poke my eye out with that bad boy!" Matt teased.
I was speechless. Too embarassed and flustered to speak. I stood there like a guilty little boy caught wanking. Although my muscular figure towered over Matt, I felt like a dumb kid at that moment.
"Let's see what hot stuff you are into," Matt continued and sat down in front of my laptop.
"No... don't," I was too ashamed to let him see my ballbusting collection.
"Down boy," Matt answered and back-handed me in the nuts.
My balls were exquisitely sensitive since I had not jerked off in a month. I yelped loudly and sat down on the floor clutching my aching balls. "
Wow. This is some really intensive stuff, man. You like to give or receive?" Matt inquired.
"Receive," I answered sheepishly.
"Well, big boy. I think we both are in luck. I kinda like hurting another guy's balls. And you like getting yours hurt. Fuck, did you indicate that in your application for this room?"

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Matt wanted to bust me?!

Matt pushed me against the wall. I thought I was dreaming. As he ran his soft hands up and down my body, my heart raced and my cock swelled with anticipation. Without warning, he drove his knee into my vulnerable balls. I howled as the pain bit into my brain. That familiar wave of deep agony rose in my abdomen. I doubled over in anguish, making keening noises.

"Come on, man. I know you can take more than that. You're a tough guy," Matt said. I straightened up gingerly and there was a wet spot on my boxers. I was leaking pre-cum! This time he slammed his fist into my aching balls - twice. I felt them flatten against my pubic bone and I couldn't even scream. I just dropped to my knees, my mouth opened in a silent scream of abject anguish. The pain was horrible. My world just collapsed as I slowly dropped to the floor in a fetal position desperately nursing my traumatized manhood. I rocked about in a vain fight against the sickening pain. But I was hornier than ever - my erection seemed impossibly huge and I thought my cock would explode any moment.

"It's been fun, dude! I gotta get back to practice now. I came back for my goggles," Matt announced as he reached down and rubbed my raging boner cheekily. Fuck, I almost came at that moment!

"We're gonna be having more busting sessions, big guy."

Despite the nauseating agony, I managed to slip off my boxers and lie on my back. After a few strokes, I felt my loins and balls erupt in absolute pleasure as I sprayed my man-milk all over my abs and pubes. I groaned loudly as I climaxed and shot my load. I lay there covered in my sticky thick jizz, panting - exhausted and in pain but tingling with dark pleasure.

Did he say he was gonna bust me some more?


I was in that twilight zone between deep sleep and full alertness. Lying on my bed in my comfortable but torn boxers, I was mildly conscious of being awake but also was drifting into sweet slumber. This was the twilight zone where dreams and reality sometimes merge. I was fantasizing about Matt, my room-mate, busting my big balls earlier in the day. And in the process, I was gently grinding my rock hard boner against the bed. I felt my large loose nuts roll out of a leg of my boxers and got even more turned on by the new sensations coming from my privates.

I could almost feel his fingers wrap around my dangling orbs, rolling them around his palm and slowly increasing the pressure on them. I groaned softly into my pillow, enjoying every bit of my semi- dream. I was faintly aware of the pain growing as the pressure increased around my manhood and my groaning grew louder. And as that unmistakable wave of testicular anguish hit me square in the gut and rose to my throat, I jerked my head off the bed, fully awake and in VERY real pain.

"Good morning, Darrel," Matt greeted me. "Owwww.... fuck. My fuckin balls... please stop," I pleaded groggily. He did.

I rolled over, my hands clutching my throbbing gonads. Matt sat on the edge of my bed, smiling. He looked so damn cute with his longish blond hair, blue eyes and bright smile.

"Remember what happened yesterday?" he asked.
"Was I dreaming?" I still couldn't believe that my handsome room- mate was into ballbusting like me.
"No. I busted your balls real good and you loved it."
Wow. I was too dizzy with lust and desire to respond. He put his hand on my crotch. My already rock hard dick stiffened even more.
"Umm. Matt... I'm straight," I stuttered.
"I've seen how you look at my bod, man. I know how you try to steal peeks at me when I'm changing too. You're into me, Darrel, and that's fine. I'm into you to."
I didn't know how to respond.
"Don't start thinking about being gay or bi or whatever. Just labels, man. I know you want this and so do I."

I gazed into his beautiful eyes and my insides burned. I removed my hands from my crotch and gave Matt full rein. "You've a couple of really big ones down here, Darrel," he told me as his hands explored my manhood. My cock soared into a full erection and was leaking pre-cum on my abs.

He then pulled out a pair of red speedos with a hole cut at the crotch and told me to put them on with my balls hanging out the hole.

I felt my balls trapped vulnerably outside the speedos that barely contained my swollen cock.

"Get on your knees, ass in the air."

Matt rolled up a magazine and as I kneeled there with my tender boy balls on display, he swung it into my waiting testicles. I yelped softly as the pain hit me then buried my head in my pillow to muffle more screams in anticipation of more pain. Smack! Another strike made my balls swing about like a mini pinata. Then came hit after hit. I didn't count them. Every sickening smack of the magazine striking my bobbing balls was followed my muffled screams. The agony just built up - it swelled like a gigantic wave in my gut. I tried to bear the anguish but finally I had to collapse. I dropped to my side sobbing softly in pain, nursing my aching exposed balls, writhing around trying vainly to relieve the nauseating anguish.

Matt was already in his boxers, his own cock throbbingly erect. "You ok there, big guy? You're a tough dude. Come on. Stand up."

I staggered to my feet. My muscular thighs were weakened my pain. My big muscular frame dwarfed Matt's swimmer build but he was dominating me now as he tied my hands behind my back.

"Face the wall, big boy. That's right. Now spread your legs. More. Fuck, you look fucking hot posing like that."

He rubbed his rock hard dick against my ass crack as his hand reached to grab my balls. I felt Matt's hot throbbing boner against my butt and his hand groping my manhood. As Matt's excitement grew, so did his grip on my testicles. He squeezed them hard as he tugged and twisted them. My already battered balls blazed with pain. I couldn't even scream. I was gasping for breath, eyes squeezed shut, knees buckling but held up my Matt's death grip on my manhood. The anguish was too great. I slowly sunk to my the ground and Matt followed but didn't release my traumatized testes.

I lay on the floor on my side, curled up with Matt's hand between my butt cheeks. He pulled my balls so that they now were trapped in their loose sac, stretched out behind me, between my legs. It was abject agony for me. I sobbed involuntarily as the pain bit into my brain.

Finally, he released his strangle-hold on my jewels and I instinctively reached down to clutch at my twin orbs of pain.

"Darrel, lie down straight."

I obeyed and Matt knelt beside me, naked, and began sucking on my aching bollocks. Initially, the sucking only amplified my torment but after a while, a strange but beautiful mixture of pain and pleasure glowed from my balls.

Matt knelt over my chest and both of us began stroking our stiff dicks and in no time at all, we both were moaning ecstatically as we blew our loads. I sprayed my juice over my abs as Matt's warm jizz squirted on my neck and chest.

He then dropped to my side and we both lay there, enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms when Matt turned to me and said, "So when do you wanna do this again?"