Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beta Beta Fraternity


"Dude, don't join that frat house. Those dudes in there are some of the most fucked-up, insane people I know," some senior told Josh. Seeking to join some fraternity, Josh was moving around looking for one that he'd enjoy being part of. There were the usual ones like the nerds, the jocks and the drunken party animals, of course. But
Josh wasn't interested in any of them and so the only one left was Beta Beta.

"Why the fuck is it called Beta Beta?" Josh thought to himself as he walked towards the red brick building. Outside, he bumped into another guy who seemed interested to join. He was fucking huge - a beefy 6'7" and 260lb giant.
"Hey, dude, you gonna join this frat?" Josh asked.
"Yeah, man. They told me that this is the most crazy frat house to join!" the guy answered.
"I'm Josh by the way"
"I'm Jason. Nice meeting you"

Inside the building, Josh saw a strange motley crew of people. Those who appeared to be the recruiters were an interesting combination of characters. There was a really short guy, not a dwarf, but only about 4' tall but was incredibly cute and had the most intense green eyes he'd seen. Then there was another guy who was about 5'5" with a fairly athletic build, buzz cut and a scar on his right eye brow.

"Hey, I'm Colin," the cute, short guy said.
"I'm Ryan," the guy with the scar introduced himself.

Josh then met the other three guys who were interested in joining the frat. Mark was an Asian guy, about 6" tall but stocky and built like a tank. Then there was Ty, the pretty boy with long shoulder length blond hair and skinny 5'6" frame. Lastly, there was Adam, a lanky, decent-looking redhead with freckles.

"Let me introduce you to the rest of the guys," Colin announced. There were about 10 guys only. As they did, Josh couldn't help wondering what was so crazy about this frat house. They all seemed pretty decent, down to earth and rather boring, guys.

"I'm sure you heard about our reputation from the other frat houses. And I'm sure you are as curious as fuck how we earned it. I assure you, you'll know by tonight and whether you dare stay here," a guy named Van told us. "See you in our basement tonight"

"Very few guys could get through the initiation, but no one would tell me what they had to go through," Mark told me.
"I bet I can get through ANYTHING these guys throw at me," Jason mouthed off.
Josh spied Colin smile and whisper something to Van through the corner of his eye.

---The Initiation---

"Gentlemen, I commend you for your courage. You chose to join us knowing full well our reputation. I promise you, if you can survive our initiation and not bail out, you'll be part of a very close band of brothers," Van announced.
"Fuck that, man, let's get on with it! I can't wait!" Jason hollered.
"Patience, big guy. All in good time," Van replied with a rather evil smile.
"The first part will be a fight among the initiates and since there are 5 of you, Ryan will join in as well. Then there will a similar round but this time, I will be joining in the fun. For the last round, the initiates with the least number of submissions can choose who they'd like to fight. At the end, we'll let you consider whether you want to continue with the initiation," Colin announced.
"We've put you in pairs and you will fight till one submits. No holds barred. Initiates must fight naked. Ryan can wear whatever he wants to," Van continued.

The first pair to fight was Adam and Josh. It seemed a pretty even fight. Adam was about 6' and 180 lbs and Josh was though shorter at 5'7" was about 20 lbs heavier. Under Adam's red bush, was a 4" dick and his decent-sized, very low-hanging balls. Josh had a much thicker dick and slightly larger nuts that didn't hang as much. Adam
lunged at Josh and surprised him, knocking him flat on his back. They both then wrestled and grappled on the ground, both trying to gain the upper hand. Josh, being a better wrestler and more muscular, managed to put Adam in a schoolboy pin, his dick and balls touching Adam's mouth. Adam struggled and tried his best to throw
Josh off but failed. 'You give, bitch?" Josh taunted as he smacked his cock on Adam's lips.

"Fuck off, asshole," Adam defiantly replied as he struggled valiantly.
Growing tired and afraid of losing the fight, Josh reached behind him and grabbed Adam's pendulous balls. Adam's eyes grew wide with horror and when Josh squeezed those firm baby-makers, Adam screamed in pain. "You give?" Josh repeated.

"Fuck... you," Adam answered just before he screamed yet again as Josh yanked and twisted as he crushed Adam's aching plums. This time, Adam howled his submission, sobbing pitifully as he curled up on the ground, clutching his hurting gonads. Josh raised his hands in triumph as he stood over his vanquished opponent, sporting a very hard boner.

The next fight was between Ty and Mark. Now this was interesting, Josh thought as he rubbed his raging hard-on. This seemed a really one-sided fight. Ty weighed about 130lbs and stood at 5'6" only, dwarfed by the tank-like Mark, 6' tall and looked easily 230lbs of solid beef. He was a bit fat but was obviously very muscular and bulky. Ty had a fair sized dick and balls but was completely smooth. Mark had a rather small cock for his size, only about 3" long but he had a huge pair of lemon-sized balls hanging nice and low beneath a dark bush of pubic hair. Ty raised his hands to challenge Mark to a strength test, much to everyone's amusement. Mark smirked as he
accepted Ty's challenge. "I'm gonna cut him some slack guys, don't worry," Mark yelled out to the cheering guys.

Ty's hands met Mark's and it was soon obvious that Mark wasn't exerting his full strength. He just resisted as Ty grew more tired and red. As Mark smiled at a very red Ty, a sickening thud rang out as Ty slammed his foot into Mark's very vulnerable testicles. In fact, it was so hard that a smaller smack was heard as Mark's dangling balls swung back and hit his ass. Mark's mouth just dropped in a frozen scream of agony as his big nuts erupted in agony. Mark's strength failed and he wanted to just cup his traumatized manhood and crawl to a corner but Ty refused to let the wounded hunk's hands go. Instead, he swung his foot into poor Mark's throbbing testicles
a second time. A gasp of horror reverberated through the basement as another horrible thud preceded Mark's slow drop to the ground. The big beefy juggernaut collapsed to his side slowly, his hands nursing his agonized bollocks, writhing as very male anguish hit him in the pit of his stomach. Ty just grinned, sweeping back his long blond hair. Ty's cock was semi-hard as well and as Josh noticed, so were
most of the other guys in the room.

Mark was left in the corner, nursing his aching balls as Adam recovered and looking a bit sick, sat down with the rest of the freshmen. The last pair to fight was Ryan and Jason. This was not a very balanced pair either. Jason was a towering musclebound giant in comparison to Ryan, who wore a pair of black trunks. Jason had a huge, smooth package. His cock was about 6" soft and his nuts were about the same size as Mark's and hung about 7" low. Jason jumped up and down, punching his fists together, his big genitals flopping about. Ryan just smiled at the big hunk's antics.

Jason kept jumping around as he tried to land a punch on Ryan's face. Ryan, just ducked and avoided the big oaf's punches. As Ryan expected, Jason started to tire. He was sweating profusely, panting and his punches were getting more sluggish. Ryan then moved in for the kill. A punch to the jaw knocked Jason back as Ryan tore into
him with more punches into Jason's six pack. Jason continued his retreat until he was backed into a corner, uselessly resisting Ryan's onslaught. As the massive beefy Jason slumped, Ryan landed a ferocious punch that squished Jason's bobbing balls against his pubic bone, drawing a blood-curdling shriek from the injured hunk.
Jason hugged himself as he slowly slipped to the ground, in tremendous pain as a croaked, "I give".

The next round of fights were to start with Ty and Adam. Adam had recovered and now, he wanted to redeem himself. They squared off and Adam threw a punch that glanced off Ty's shoulder. "Fuck, you punch like a girl!" Ty taunted the taller guy as he slammed his fist in Adam's gut. Adam was winded but threw himself on Ty and the both of them were grappling on the ground, either one unable to gain an advantage until Adam managed to grab Ty from behind. They struggled on the ground, side by side with Adam's arm around Ty's neck from behind as his other hand reached between Ty's legs, seizing hold of his nuts and squeezing them. Ty groaned in pain but he was a tough
son of a bitch. He kept struggling as Adam continued crushing his manhood until he managed reach behind and grab Adam's own balls and squeeze the life of them. So, there they were, the two guys crushing each other's manhood and trying to make the other submit. They were in immense pain but each refused to give, trying to amp up the pain the others' nads. After a while, Van intervened, "Ok, Ok, guys. We'll call this a tie, ok? Now let go and let's move on with the next fight" and both fighters rolled away, in utter anguish, both clutching their tormented packages.

Jason had barely recovered from the assault on his nuts but he was next. And he was fighting Colin. Colin was a third of Jason's size, for crying out loud! Josh was hoping that Jason didn't kill him. Jason faced the pint-sized Colin, his red, slightly swollen testes hanging lower than ever. Colin was in his white briefs. Jason still kept mouthing off, "Hey, Tiny, I'm gonna wipe the floor with your
tears after this! I'm gonna make you cry for your mother!" Colin just told the giant, "Bring it on". Jason still threw his big clumsy punches but Colin easily avoided every one of them. Colin then leapt on Jason, wrapping his legs around Jason's muscular chest as he pounded the surprised hunk's head and face. Punch after punch rained down then Jason dropped off and as he dived between Jason's spread
legs, he grabbed his low-hanging fruit and swung like fucking Tarzan using poor Jason's long ballsac. Jason gasped in horror but before he knew it, Colin was behind him, yanking his pendulous scrotum between his muscular buttcheeks as his trunk-like legs buckled at the knees and Jason bent double, screaming like a schoolgirl. Colin
crushed Jason's trapped testicles as he tugged the long ballsac, flossing Jason's asscrack. Colin then started dragging the tormented hunk around by his balls! Colin pulled at his balls and Jason was forced to shuffle backwards, thighs still locked together and still bent over. Jason sobbed in humiliation and pain as Colin led him
round the basement. It was a ridiculous sight a tiny guy dragging a huge hunky bodybuilder around from behind by his balls! Colin alternately squeezed and twisted the tortured freshman's nuts, drawing pitiful cries and pleas for mercy.

Because the intense pain had paralyzed his brain as well, Jason didn't even submit, he was just a sobbing, crying, howling mess. Colin then forced Jason to his knees and as he crushed the hunk's testicles, he pulled off his briefs, revealing a very hard and wet cock which he plunged into the screaming beefcake's butt. Jason
sobbed and screamed as he was fucked and had his balls squeezed. In a few moments though, moans of pleasure replaced Jason's painful sobs as he sprayed his load on the ground. Colin soon followed, pulling his cock out and showering Jason's ass with his creamy white jizz. He then released Jason's swollen, angry red balls as Jason
collapsed in a miserable heap, crying uncontrollably.

Some guys had to drag Jason to a corner as he was in too much pain. Now, it was Josh against Mark. Mark looked pretty pale after the busting his balls took. He hobbled to face Josh and was in no shape to fight anymore. Josh faced his big opponent, who no longer looked so cocky. Mark used one hand to cover his manhood and the other to
try to fight Josh and therefore was forced to just defend. Josh danced around Mark, his eyes hungry for this meaty prey. He would jump in, land a punch on Mark's head or face, then dance away. He continued to toy with Mark, systematically weakening his bulky opponent. Fed up with the attacks, Mark struck out at Josh. He was waiting for his hunky prey to make this move. With blinding speed, he grabbed Mark's arm and twisted it behind him. Mark screamed in pain, his bulging muscles useless against such a tactic. Then Josh plunged his other hand between Mark's massively muscled thighs and grabbed Mark's larger, lower left testicle. Mark gasped in shock but
soon, he was screaming in agony as Josh applied inhumane pressure and torment to that ball. Tears flowed down Mark's face as pain from his right arm and left nut tore through his body. "If you dare submit, I'll destroy your left nut. I want you to jerk off now," Josh hissed in the beefy Mark's ear. Mark was about to resist but
sensing that, Josh cruelly squeezed and yanked the trapped testicle. Mark just sobbed, hung his head as he stroked his cock in front of a very horny crowd of guys. In a few seconds, Mark's body bucked as his 5" boner squirted globs of cum. Instead of letting Mark go, the sadistic Josh quickly stood up behind Mark and swung his foot between Mark's buttcheeks, his toes smacked neatly into Mark's traumatized manhood as Mark screamed once and passed out from the abject agony. Josh's cock was very hard and was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. So was Ty's cock. Adam was just too horrified but Jason was too busy nursing his own aching plums that he didn't notice.

"Well, that went well," Van said, obviously sporting wood. "Now for the final round..."

"NOOOOO! NOOOO! Please..." begged Adam. His manhood was in too much pain to continue.

"Adam won't be joining our frat, I guess. How about Jason?" Colin asked as he reached for Jason's injured balls.

"Huh? What? No please... no more... please" Jason pleaded.

"So it looks like only Ty and Josh are left." Van said.

Josh then faced Ty, both of them smiling at each other knowingly. They knew they were into this since the beginning since they both wore Kramtoad T-shirts earlier that day. Josh smiled at Ty, spread his legs as Ty kneed him in the nads. Josh groaned as he slumped to the ground. Ty dropped down as well and both the nude, horny guys assumed the 69 position, slapping and squeezing each other's balls.
The other guys in the room couldn't resist any longer and were stroking their throbbing erections. Soon, Josh and Ty were sucking each other's hard cocks while smacking each others' testicles and in no time, the two handsome ballbusters were moaning in pleasure as they shot their loads. And soon, a chorus of moans announced that most guys in the basement also shot theirs. Josh and Ty lay, exhausted and tired as they announced in unison, "We give".

Van, his pants stained with jizz, announced happily, "Well, welcome to BB frat, guys. Yeah, that's what it stands for."

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